In today’s update: the Witchblade anime is mangafied by one of the few Japanese artists who could show up the American comic through sheer force of will, A third Ar Tonelico play preview movie is online, Banner of the Stars IV (?!), a chance at Tony’s C69 limited edition pillowcase and sweatshirt, three new albums from Key (Clannad-themed and others), and a primal stampede of figure news so vast it could not possibly be contained in this excerpt.

Media Side

  • Dynamite news from the Witchblade anime front today: it will be mangafied in Akita Shoten’s Champion Red (preview in the April issue out on February 18th and 38 page first chapter in the March 18th May issue). The real scoop here is that the art will be done by Sumita Kazuasa of Studio Lagrange Point, and the new original story will be penned by Kobayashi Yasuko, whose recent career has included script work on the Genshiken anime as well as Shakugan no Shana, Keroro Gunsou, Gokusen, Galaxy Angel, Sailor Moon, and several sentai shows. A sample image and further details can be found here.
  • Official sites are up for Gainax’s Top wo Nerae 2! OVA vol. 5, complete with screenshots, new characters, and mech designs. Topless ni narumon!
  • Character sketches are online for TV anime Himesama Goyoujin (click on the pink flowery squares). It’s being billed as the spiritual successor to Rozen Maiden, but how will it stack up?
  • A third Ar Tonelico play preview movie is online today in anticipation of the game’s release tomorrow, January 26th. Oh for a PS2 right now (and a TV to hook it up to).
  • Kadokawa continues its agressive marketing campaign for the launch of Dragon Age Pure with a picture of the first issue’s cover online today.
  • The Banner of the Stars legacy continues with the announcement of the terrestrial radio broadcast of a BotS IV (count ’em: four) radio drama beginning in April. Who says that all good things must come to an end?
  • A fresh episode of Gun x Sword web radio is online today.

Ero Side

  • Those who rushed to the front of Tony’s queue at C69 must be feeling a bit foolish right now, as Toranoana announces the full-scale production of the pillowcase and sweatshirt released at the event (and initially thought to be event only). Food for thought for those of us who missed out… preorders will be taken from January 25th to February 10th.
  • Key announces a trilogy of albums set for simultaneous release on February 24th: Clannad image vocal album “Sorarado Append”, Clannad remix album “-memento-“, and Key compilation mini-album “Ma-Na”. Cover art and sample tracks from the three albums are available here.
  • January 27th will see the release of Lostchild Infinia, a two disc soundtrack from Tama Soft’s Lost Child. Sample tracks are available at the official site.
  • Artbook collectors and Alice Soft fans take note: Fox Publishing will be releasing a Pastel Chime Continue Visual Collection book on February 24th.
  • Don’t have the time in your busy schedule to watch eroge demo movies on your home PC? Game Style comes to the rescue with its new podcast download section. Put that video iPod to the use it was originally intended for!
  • Following on the heels of yesterday’s scoop from Muse comes TinkerBell’s official site for the eroanime OVA Hitozuma Kasumi-san vol. 2. April 14th can’t come soon enough. :3
  • New Site Launches / Release Announcements
  • We’ve Got Movie Sign!!
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Hobby Side

  • The few. The proud. The webcomic update. Remember, kids: remote detonation of plastic explosives from a distance of four feet is a bad idea.
  • Topping today’s list of new figure scoops is this eroero Onegai Teacher Mizuho “down hair” cold cast from Kurushima, due out in June. The rear view is especially captivating… sharing lead billing is the announcement of this set of Moetan trading figures from Kotobukiya, out in May. Here’s hoping the quality shown in the sample image holds through wide release.
  • Bandai corner: Bandai announces the late-June release of a set of trading figures based on original designs by Goto P. It’s impossible to keep track of all of these, but here’s another SEED Destiny trading figure set from them as well, this one set to come out in March. Looking forward to late June we have Lunamaria and Lacus voice i-dolls, if anyone is still interested.
  • Kotobukiya corner: in late April is this one-coin trading figure series from Top wo Nerae 1 and 2 will be released, dubbed Top wo Nerae! 1.5. Clever. Also coming in April is the recast of these Tales of Symphonia trading figures, a Sakagami Tomoyo PVC from Clannad, and the 800-pound gorilla in the room, this Tama-nee PVC from To Heart 2. Following shortly in May is the PVCification of the previously released Dokuro-chan resin kit (from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan), another noteworthy item.
  • An announcement is in today to the effect that this [ERO] Akuma-ko garage kit from Daiki Kougyou will be released as a PVC at some point in the future; no details on the maker, price, or release date are yet forthcoming.
  • Coming in late March from Wafuudou Ganguten is this set of Ragnarok Online trading figures vol. 2.
  • HobbyNet picks apart some of the items in the two images posted yesterday, including this Meyrin action figure from Megahouse and SEED Destiny, due out in May; this pair of Keroro Gunsou heroine PVCs Koyuki and Moa, out in June, and this Higurashi no Naku Koro ni SRDX Chie Rumiko PVC from Yujin, in May.
  • An image slightly augmented over those posted yesterday includes a glimpse of Goodsmile / Max Factory’s special Wonder Festival 2006 winter event only PVC offerings, including a set of variously painted lingerie Mizuhos and a brace of alternate color Sabers, as well as a Neko-Arc PVC (chuchu face version). I have to say I’m most interested in the Chii, though, which if it is actually coming out in January as is written has managed to evade publicity in every online medium to which I have access. Fushigi…
  • In other Wonder Festival news, Wafuudou Ganguten announces the event-only release of a Disgaea 2 Etna resin kit and one of Paniponi Dash’s Tachibana Rei as well. No images online yet, alas.
  • On Sale Today
  • Oh Akibajin, what figure won’t you put Tama-nee’s head on.
  • Today’s figure omake: more color shots of Megahouse’s May-release swimsuit Meer PVC from SEED Destiny. Also: something suspicious is going on here

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