In today’s update: the Japan Times pans Agito, the usual Saturday morning deluge of ero updates, Bome Eclair & Lumiere PVC release, Evangeline A.K. McDowell figure in May, and other miscellany.

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  • The few. The proud. The top image, gallery, and diary updates. Destroy the evil power!
  • Negima fans take note: Konami’s Evangeline A.K. McDowell PVC is set to street on May 27th.
  • Coming in March from Kaiyodo is the 11th installment of their Bome-sculpted PVC series, Jungle Eimi. “Based on original character by Yukinori Umetsu.”
  • Samples of Goodsmile’s Mabinogi Nao PVC and Wafuudou’s Kujian Izumi and Kasumi PVCs were on display in Akihabara yesterday, scoops courtesy of Akibajin.
  • On Sale Today

The camera I ordered came in yesterday night, but without the puny (32MB) memory card I assumed was standard on all models. Not the Japan release, apparently. It seems another trip to the local Yamada Denki is called for…

To do for this weekend: manga reviews, figure reviews, and the year in eroge. Who knows how much of that will happen. ;;