In today’s update: Marimite fan discs and figures, rumors of Fate / stay night on the PS2, the Hellsing OVA is delayed (again), preliminary post-Comiket sales figures are in from Akiba’s doujin shops, and stripes make their debut on a polystone release of Q-six’s Otokawa Saori.

Media Side

  • A set of three Marimite fan discs will be released in anticipation of the upcoming OVA release, with the first one due out on March 24th and the latter two on May 25th and July 21st. It seems they will be compilations of material from the first two series (music clips, video clips, still character images) and preview material for the OVA (cast interviews and promotional footage). At 3,900 yen each they don’t seem worth it right now unless you’re a particularly demanding completionist.

    The above-linked Hobby Channel article also mentions the Animate TV Marimite web radio that will begin in February, as well as plans for the release of Marimite figures at some point this year. Apparently the show’s producer wants to make 2006 the “year of Marimite”, which is a prospect I for one am looking forward to.

  • The official Witchblade anime site has been updated with a few more character designs. Still nothing exceptional, but hold out hopes…
  • Those yearning for a non-Gonzo-tainted Alucard will have to wait another two weeks: the first volume of the Hellsing OVA has been delayed yet again, now scheduled for a February 10th release.
  • The first volume of the Binchou-tan manga is out, complete with … two fish on a very small grill? Akibajin tells the whole story.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

Things are still very much in a state of flux around here, and as much as I’d like to take the next week or so to make sure everything is perfectly in order my vacation is up as of today and the daily grind resumes tomorrow morning. Please bear with the mess as the dust settles, and with any luck we’ll be back on course with daily updates (and with a post archives that’s actually comprehensible) before too long. orz