In today’s update: a respectable batch of anime and ero site launches and updates, Ichimashi and Maritan figures, and several previews and reviews courtesy of Akibajin. This may well be the last Mainichi update from HD’s current location… relaunch coming soon!

Media Side

Ero Side

Hobby Side

If work on the relaunch proceeds as planned this will be the last mainichi update to be hosted at HD’s current location. we’re working feverishly (?) over at to get things ready, aiming for a grand opening sometime before the 10th. There are some nifty features in the works that should make the site considerably more accessible, interactive, immersive, and all sorts of buzzwords meant to keep a readership engaged, but at its heart it will be the same old blog that you’re used to (or have just discovered) here. Details on what has changed and what hasn’t will come with the official relaunch announcement, again, hopefully in the next day or two. Stay tuned!

As the database has already been ported to the new location I’ll have to post this and any subsequent pre-launch posts in both locations, and any comments left in the interim may be manually cloned over to the new site as well; if I don’t get back to your comments / questions right away it’s because I’m trying to hold off from the need to transplant things as much as possible. Please bear with the mess, it’ll be over soon… orz