If Akihabara is the spiritual center of the otaku world, the Tokyo Big Sight is surely its physical center, around which hundreds of thousands of people gather to worship in a bi-annual pilgrimage to the gods of amateur comics, erotic games, and cosplay.

[An Introduction to Comiket]

Comiket 69 was no deviation from this pattern, and I find myself now with little more to say about it than what I’ve said about prior events. Lacking in circle ticket I was once again in the trenches of regular participation, meaning a brace of very early mornings and long hours standing in line; compared to last winter’s blizzard this year’s weather was much more bearable in that respect.

While the event usually spans three days, C69 was limited to two due to scheduling conflicts. Photography was also limited, as usual, to outside the venue and inside the designated cosplay areas only; I didn’t have much time for cosplay pictures this time around, so I hereby present an excessive amount of shots of the Big Sight exterior and hordes of people in line in front of it.

Day 1: December 29th, 2005

waiting for the first train of the morning

exiting the Kokusai Tenjijou train station near the Big Sight

choose your own adventure: the east side, or the west side?

the Big Sight in profile

huddled masses in waiting

more huddled masses

the flood is unleashed

a strange birth defect leaves the faces of many Comiket attendees unrecognizable

up the stairs, into the courtyard

the approach

entrance to the inner sanctum

the cosplay pavillion

Day 2: December 30th, 2005

starting the morning right

approach to the Big Sight from the nearby monorail station

yes, that is a saw

huddled masses redux

the race is on

WARNING: Do not click on the following image unless you are above the age of 18 and want to have any notion of “artistic taste” dispelled from your head forever. Also: note that the majority of doujinshi sold at Comiket is not pornographic; I just tend to buy the stuff that is.

…you were warned.

I picked up a circle application for Comiket 70, which I have until early February to fill out. Here’s hoping it doesn’t join the pile of others from past events that languish, blank as driven snow, in a despondent corner of my room…