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I managed to clear the figures off of my deskside table today, and this just sort of… happened. In unrelated news, this appears to be the 300th post in Heisei Democracy’s short history.

Mainichi Junk Sunday

In today’s update: a Sasaki Mutsumi artbook, Troubled Windows figures at Comiket, and a compilation of March 2006 figure releases.

Mainichi Junk: Zenryoku Zenshin

In today’s update: a couple of minor points of interest (Tama-nee pillowcase, HiMM Mitsuki on sale) buried in a whole lot of lists.

Mainichi Junk: A Time for Heroes

In today’s update: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime gets design sketches, Brave Story exists, infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters churn out a list of 2006 winter shows, Toranoana is market savvy, Rin gets a stuffed doll, Maritan DESTROYS THE EVIL POWER, and fans of striped undergarments dance in the streets.

Mainichi Junk: Douitashimashite

In today’s update: new anime scoops, new novel scoops that may eventually become anime, old anime that has become a new novel scoops, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Post in Progress

Today’s post is weighing in a bit on the prosaic side and it seems I won’t be able to finish before work; expect the complete item up in about… ugh, looks like it’ll be another twelve hours or so. Blasted seminars…