In today’s update: Comiket tomorrow! And other assorted news.

the sun'll come out...

Media Side

  • Shonen Magazine announces the production of a second School Rumble TV anime series, slated to air in spring 2006.
  • Media Works launches a three-pronged Strawberry Panic offensive, including the anime announced here along with a novel and a manga to be serialized in Dengeki G’s Magazine. This looks worthy of further investigation, which I’ll try to do when time allows.
  • Starchild launches the official site for its upcoming “chotto ecchi na doki doki comedy” Tonagura, slated to air in 2006 (wallpaper here).
  • I recall this being announced earlier, but February’s edition of The Sneaker notes the animefication of the Suzumiya Haruhi manga. Shakugan no Shana fans alert: this is illustrated by Itou Noiji.
  • A new chapter of Toranoana’s Shiawase no Momoringo web comic is online today. [direct link]
  • February’s edition of Megami Magazine is on sale today, sporting a lovely picture of Saber on the cover.
  • We’re not a maid cafe, we’re a Victorian Cafe Emily!
  • Toranoana announces Binchou-tan SPAM– …er, hard candy.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

While I respect a man’s right to dress up in insect antennae and play party games while eating snacks with cosplayers, this is just a bit silly.

As I’m heading off to Comiket bright and early for the next two days, regular news updates won’t be resumed until the 31st (provided I can get my act together then and don’t need to spend a day or two after the event purely convalescing). My goal at this point is to post tomorrow evening after the first day is over, we’ll see what happens; if not, an event review will be online as soon as possible. Comiket is a war, and we are soldiers…

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