In today’s update: COMIKET FEVER, eroanime news, and Christmas leftovers.


Ero Side

  • Nitroplus updates with three demo videos for the various items included in its C69 Sabato Nabe offering. Not enough to persuade me, though – no Ignis, no sale.
  • Much ado on the eroanime front today, as February’s Milky Press goes online along with pages for the January 25th release of Kurai Mirai vol. 1 and Boin vol. 2. According to Milky Press (pertinent pages here and here) we’ll be seeing more Milk Junkies on February 25th, along with a second episode of Ki ni Naru Roommate.
  • Not to be left behind by Milky’s monthly update, D3 posts additional screenshots for its February 24th release of the Cleavage OVA as well as Yakin Byoutou 2 vol. 5, due out on January 27th. Cleavage is still not particularly encouraging, but it may look better in motion.
  • Albert reviewed a stunning backlog of eroanime over at yesterday, and if you haven’t been keeping up with releases over the past few months this is a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m particularly looking forward to watching Hitozuma Kasumi-san (huge tracts of land), Hininten Gausu (decapitating lactation), and Cambrian (Bible Black designs).
  • Rounding out yesterday’s Christmas updates are the following:
  • Comiket Corner

Hobby Side

I spent last night making a preliminary run through the C69 catalog, and there were some pleasant surprises. My list is currently composed of 151 items and I expect it will only continue to grow… I don’t have the money for half of them, but there’s no sense in not seeing what’s out there.

Today being the 26th, both Ace and Afternoon should now be out (along with the final issue of Dengeki Moeoh ;;). I’ll try to get NHK and Genshiken reviews online today, but if it doesn’t happen they’ll probably have to wait until post-Comiket. Who knew vacation could be this busy…

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