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Comiket 69: Prelude to the Aftermath

Day 2: ninety-nine percent male.

One down, one to go…

Entering the Big Sight on day 1 of Comiket 69

Mainichi Junk: ONE…

In today’s update: Comiket tomorrow! And other assorted news.

Mainichi Junk: Two…

In today’s update: several new anime announcements and sites online, Dengeki Moeoh is reborn, Fate / stay night is mangafied, the Comiket Corner has a last minute rush, and we wrap up coverage of World Hobby Festival 13. Also: a 1/6 scale Rio PVC from T’s system, and a pair of super-hot Griffon Ikkitousen resin kits.

Mainichi Junk: C69 in three…

In today’s update: COMIKET FEVER, eroanime news, and Christmas leftovers.

Mainichi Junk: Christmas 2005

In today’s update: Merry Christmas!

Mainichi Junk: Hobbyist’s Holiday

In today’s update: good news from the Hand Maid May character designer, Daioh / Moeoh Comiket loot, preliminary scoops on yesterday’s World Hobby Festival and a cascade of new figure announcements (highlights include the HiMM trio in PVC, an ero Chidori to go with the recently released Tessa, and a second Megahouse Meer).

Mainichi Junk: Hagane no Blogger

In today’s update: the Marimite Christmas Special airs, a kick-ass Ergo Proxy trailer is online, Genshiken vol. 7 goes on sale, a whole bunch of anime sites update with various tidbits, Himajin announces two titles in its 2006 eroanime lineup, angels and pirates hit the shelves, and Asuka Santa doles out a formidable batch of Christmas wallpapers.

MJ: Digestorama II ~Denpa Boogaloo~

In today’s (second) update: HD gets back on track with leftover news from the past few days now fully processed. I would try to think of a clever way to summarize it here but my brain is now officially dead for the day; read on for a whole lot of stuff. And things.

Mainichi Junk: Digestorama part I

In today’s update: playing catch-up from last weekend and a couple of days offline, lots of lists and a few more pointed items of interest. A second similar update is expected later today. Read for Comiket bounty, Moetan and Mechamusume! Also: a Same eroge on the horizon?

Alive Again

I woke up this morning to find net access restored, but with a three-day update backlog things are rather swamped. I’ll get as much done as I can this morning but the real update may have to wait until after work. For now, here is a picture I took of Akihabara in 1935 (January 2003).

Mainichi Junk Unplugged

My roommate and I missed the cutoff date for our internet bill last month, and I woke up yesterday morning to find myself facing a connection that was very much deceased. We paid the cumulative bill that arrived the day before, but it may be up to a week before service is restored. Terrible timing, […]

A Lick and a Promise

The updating force behind Moon Phase was apparently PARTYING HARD last night and thus HD’s usual Saturday morning Mainichi update will be delayed a bit as well. In the interim, may I direct your attention to How to Comiket, Part II: Strategy? Or perhaps the updated version of How to Comiket, Part I: Intelligence, now […]

How to Comiket, Part II: Strategy

After you’ve gathered your raw information the next step is to triage, process and prioritize it. The Big Sight is vast and time is limited so economy of movement is vital; chart your way through the venue before the event and your chances of getting what you want on the appointed day will rise significantly.

Mainichi Junk: You Get to Burning

In today’s update: a Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora promo video, the week in eroge courtesy of, and Kotobukiya’s To Heart 2 Konomi PVC figure release.

Mainichi Junk: Intergalactic

In today’s update: the latest Moetan release inspires an acronym, Jokyoushi’s release delay is explained, Pink Pineapple’s Kakyuusei 2 anthology gets a sample movie (decapitating lactation not in evidence), Gigapulse scoops its next figure release and Polygonia signs off on the second release candidate of Wafudou’s Yayoi PVC. Pictures included!

Mainichi Junk: Amazing Stories

In today’s update: Studio Ghibli’s next film unveiled, Air Gear anime announced, Steve Jobs sues Moetan Nano for copyright infringement (oh, if only), a review of the newly-launched Studio Deen staff diary, Cleavage eroanime announced, a look inside the School Days artbook, first glimpse of the Wonder Festival 2006 winter catalog, and figure releases from Alter, Max Factory, and Bome. Biased plug: If you don’t read this update, you’re probably missing out on something.

Mainichi Junk: Akiba Pop

In today’s update: Lemon Angel Project details and several other anime odds and ends, site launches for Mahou Shoujo Ai 2 Plus and a School Rumble eroge, details on Lilith’s Taimanin Asagi Gaiden, a new Kakyuusei 2 OVA from Pink Pineapple, and etc.

Mainichi Junk: Housekeeping

Coming off of a typically light news day yesterday (Sunday) I took the opportunity to do a bit of housekeeping in the “Release Information” section of the sidebar this morning. Not much in the way of updates, but I’ve linked a couple of sites that far more thoroughly chart releases (notably of anime and figures) […]

HD Challenge: Moe in One Sentence

In light of comments recieved in response to last week’s article on moe I thought it might be apropos to crunch the whole thing down into something that would fit into a dictionary. This surely won’t satisfy critics looking for a pat definition, as there isn’t one (at least not here); I believe moe is […]

Manga Review: Welcome to the NHK! chapter 22

In which the hikikomori life doesn’t look so bad after all, in hindsight.

Manga Review: Genshiken chapter 44

In which Ogiue’s past is revealed, and there is gay porn.

Mainichi Junk: At the Movies

In today’s update: an astounding proliferation of new anime news, including site launches for the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo film, Zegapain TV, Himawari TV, Cream Lemon New Generation film(?), Ayakashi TV, and Mardock Scramble OVA. Some sample eroge CG, a few Comiket notes and a brace of Negima figures round things out.

Mainichi Junk: Saturday Catapult

In today’s update: a Sasami Club promo movie, the official Witchblade anime site, Moetan Listening at C69, Weekly Web Radio Roundup, eroanime scoops from Muse and Vanilla, the usual Friday night eroge update explosion, scoops on new Noantica and Gigapulse figures, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Figure Respite

In today’s update: To Heart 2 xrated hits the streets with a splash, FlyingShine’s Jokyoushi scenario writer goes AWOL, eroge singers hold a post-Comiket concert, and there is only ONE figure released (unless you count the mutant).

Mainichi Junk: PVC Bondage

In today’s update: Top wo Nerae! 2 goes Bottomless, ufotable talks about the Disgaea 2 OP animation, Dejiko and friends get their own comic serial, ero-gorillas wage war over wallets in the frigid wastes of December shopping, and the figure release announcements just won’t stop.

The Moe Image

Moetry for You


Mainichi Junk: Just the Facts

In today’s update: Cromartie live action DVD release, the usual ero scoops and another solid day of PVC figure release announcements.

Mainichi Junk: Witch of the West

In today’s update: a new fantasy anime on the horizon, maids, dragons and lap pillows OH MY, angry kunoichi, comiket terrists, and the scoopage of Max Factory / Goodsmile / Alter / Toys Planning’s March 2006 PVC figure lineup.

Mainichi Junk: A Little Bit of This

In today’s update: a little bit of that.