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Image Post: Figure Edition

Yujin SRDX Rushuna from Grenadier [NWS] [NWS] [NWS] [NWS] Atelier-Sai Tessa from Full Metal Panic! Megahouse Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED Destiny Epoch Sagu Rari and Ramura Ruuza (red agony edition) from Mayu no Ichizoku Goodsmile Yakumo from School Rumble Hobby Japan Izumi from He is My Master Yamato Saki cosplay ver. trading figure from […]

Mainichi Junk: Negative Campaign

In today’s update: NHK ANIME ANNOUNCED (see previous post), a Rean no Tsubasa trailer, several new eroge scoops, Nanase Ren is seeing double, a Tetsudou Musume lowdown and the opportunity to preorder Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade books domestically from Flying Buffalo. Hop on it, lads.

NEWS FLASH: Welcome to the NHK! Anime Announced

The regular mainichi update will be coming shortly, but this bit just couldn’t wait: according to Kadokawa’s official page for volume 4 of the NHK ni Youkoso! manga, well, the post title says it all. Along with last week’s announcement of Marimite season three this makes me just about as happy as I could be […]