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Mainichi Junk: Komatta wa~

In today’s update: much ado about nothing, and an Ohno PVC.

Mainichi Junk: Figure Bakudan

In today’s update: a Fate / curtain raiser clip is online, the Hellsing OVA gets delayed, there is an explosion of high profile figure releases, and Clayz Matsuri gets so thoroughly scooped you’ll feel like you were there.

Mainichi Junk: Sodatete Miryu?

In today’s update: a new anime from the Hand Maid May character designer, cosplay jan ken pon, two-foot tall Asuna, fallout from the Clayz Matsuri and a whole lot of leeching from Akibajin.

Mainichi Junk: Hajimete no Chu~

In today’s update: an official Fate / stay night manga announced, an extended demo movie is online for the Kimura Takehiro-designed eroge Ano Machi no Koi no Shi, a surprise December offering of the T’s System-sculpted Hazuki PVC that recieved limited release earlier this year, and the usual crop of odds and ends.

Mainichi Junk: Tamaranai

In today’s update: several new series announcements and site launches, a Kumo no Mukou manga, online anime free and legal – too good to be true?, To Heart 2 xrated sample CG, a Galzoo Island matchmaker, Milky Anime’s release schedule, infernally catchy denpa that WON’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD, Queen’s Blade and NewWORDS releases, the weekly web radio roundup, and so, so, so much more.

Mainichi Junk: Okawari~

In today’s (second) update: the usual.

Mainichi Junk Nano

Not much time this morning, so just a couple of interesting bits: Further details have surfaced on the continuation of Welcome to the NHK!’s Negative Campaign, running concurrently with the release of volume 4 of the manga and leveraging the announcement of the anime version. Items of note include the release of a 2006 NHK […]

Mainichi Junk: Figure Side

Today brings us news of some rather lavishly appointed pieces of plastic, none of which is particularly safe for work.

Image Post: Figure Edition

Yujin SRDX Rushuna from Grenadier [NWS] [NWS] [NWS] [NWS] Atelier-Sai Tessa from Full Metal Panic! Megahouse Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED Destiny Epoch Sagu Rari and Ramura Ruuza (red agony edition) from Mayu no Ichizoku Goodsmile Yakumo from School Rumble Hobby Japan Izumi from He is My Master Yamato Saki cosplay ver. trading figure from […]

Mainichi Junk: Negative Campaign

In today’s update: NHK ANIME ANNOUNCED (see previous post), a Rean no Tsubasa trailer, several new eroge scoops, Nanase Ren is seeing double, a Tetsudou Musume lowdown and the opportunity to preorder Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade books domestically from Flying Buffalo. Hop on it, lads.

NEWS FLASH: Welcome to the NHK! Anime Announced

The regular mainichi update will be coming shortly, but this bit just couldn’t wait: according to Kadokawa’s official page for volume 4 of the NHK ni Youkoso! manga, well, the post title says it all. Along with last week’s announcement of Marimite season three this makes me just about as happy as I could be […]

Mainichi Junk: Gokigenyou

In today’s update: Tokiha Mai- …err, NAKAHARA Mai is enthused, a fleet of new eroge brands sets sail into the uncharted waters of spring 2006, Resort Boin is confirmed as such, Pink Pineapple looks to have another solid property on their hands, and the figures just keep coming.

Mainichi Junk: Seven in One Blow

In today’s update: a dizzying assault of a week’s worth of headlines, including: Marimite season 3, the new eroge title from G.J? and hints at a sequel to Crossnet-Pie’s Boin, a fixed release date for Muv Luv Alternative (honest this time, really), a realdoll eroge (…), Comiket Corner, February 2006 figure release schedule, Rushuna’s removable shirt, etc. etc. A fair bucketload of the usual grist that keeps the HD mill wheels a-turning.

Heisei Democracy Press Holiday

There will be no Mainichi Junk today, as my free computing time has become occupied by defending the Earth from an alien invasion. As an ardent fan of turn-based strategy and resource management games I can’t believe I’ve overlooked this one for so long. All of the praise it gets is deserved; the dated graphics […]

Mainichi Junk: Can’t Stop the Beat

In today’s update: several anime site launches, Weekly Web Radio Roundup, the second To Heart 2 xrated minigame EXPOSED, speculations on the next G.J? title, several good bits of eroanime news (and a creepy @Ren preview to boot), the usual Friday horde of eroge site updates, Meyrin and Meer Voice I-dolls on sale, and a blend of Akibajin figure previews and reviews.

Mainichi Junk: A Small Step for Man

In today’s update: Ergo is Proxified, man-portable erotica, a Jibril artbook, Tsubasa Chronicle trading figures and Genshiken gashapon go on sale, and the Marines have a birthday party. Media Side “SF action adventure anime” fans take note: Ergo Proxy will air on WOWOW starting in February, 2006. Goths, take note too. Being decidedly more the […]

Mainichi Junk: Payday Edition

In today’s update: Girls chase naked boys, Germans chase naked PVC figures, Akiba Blog chases Germans, Kusanagi salesmen chase you. Ten eroge go on sale, @Ren warps to plaid, Clayz has a figure matsuri, Maritan plays Saddam Hussein poker, Primula sells out, and Yurie-sama goes SR. A rich, full-bodied newsday, if you will. And you […]

Mainichi Junk: uuuuuuUUUU Mahou!

In today’s update: a change in nomenclature, Amusement Cafe Maid in Japan GRAND OPEN, Misaki arrives, and a veritable passel of figure news. Media Side Just when I thought Tenchi was good and buried, Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club comes along and revives him. Well, not him. But the general concept. To quote Moon Phase: “…What […]

Mainichi Junk: Stand and Deliver

In today’s update: Amusement Cafe Maid in Japan, lactating decapitation redux, Terios SFF pics from Akiba Blog, and one hot Rin. Anime Side Web Anime Style’s Top2 feature continues in its third installment, with design works for Chiko and etc. now online. Key unleashes the first volume of its official Clannad comic, once again affirming […]

Mainichi Junk Sunday

In today’s update: Dokkoider represents, Zundarepon designs a new Lilith game, November’s full slate of figure releases is enumerated in painstaking detail (by someone else), and we get up close and personal with Tessa Testarossa. Anime Side From the creator of Dokkoider: Achi Taro’s Kage Kara Mamoru! series of novels is set to become an […]

Mainichi Junk: Underbar Summer

In today’s update: the introduction of one of To Heart 2 xrated’s minigames, Heroine to Talk, weekly web radio roundup, hints at a new Maritan character and a bountifully endowed Prier garage kit. Also, an indecent amount of sample CG. Anime Side Rough images from the Disgaea comic that premiered in the recently-released first issue […]

Mainichi Junk: Facts and Figures

Apparently everyone was off protoculturing yesterday, as the news haul this morning is rather thin. A couple of interesting bits and pieces did emerge, though: Leading today’s news is an unprecedented glimpse into the PVC figure production process. Polygonia has updated with a review of the “first sample” he’s just recieved of Wafudo Ganguten’s upcoming […]

Mainichi Junk: Protoculture Day

In today’s update: a Moegaku clarification (and how), Bible Black’s Imari: the gift that keeps on giving, Muse does Hitozuma Kasumi-san, Dengeki Animaga digests, School Rumble figures, and Keitaro’s newest incarnation feels the icy hand of death upon him. Anime Side A promotional clip is online for the upcoming Ken Akamatsu Itsudatte My Santa OVA. […]

Mainichi Junk: Advice and Consent

In today’s update: Mailish goes Lamune, the latest attempt to impart English unto the unwashed otaku masses, Maid in Heaven SuperS vol. 2 stills, Key’s new game title (most ridiculous eroge / visual novel title EVER? you decide), Evangelion eau de toilette, and Alter / Max Factory’s February ’06 PVC lineup. It’s cookin’, yo. Anime […]

Mainichi Junk: Halloween Edition

In today’s update: a new (old) eroge brand is unearthed, Queen’s Blade reinforces the axiom that the amount of body armor worn by a large-chested female knight has no direct correlation to her defense capability, and Vispo releases another garage kit that I will inevitably buy and equally inevitably be unable to paint. Anime Side […]