Anime Side We’ve got site pre-openings for two upcoming titles today: Majikano and Nerimadaikon Brothers. The former is a magical girl love comedy, the latter… well, apparently “nerimadaikon” translates as either “a type of radish” or “a woman’s fat legs”. You make the call. One of the minigames included in the Game ni Natta yo! […]

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  • Pictures of Megahouse’s soon-to-be-released Meer PVC figure have begun to spring up over at yotsuba, which means it’s out somewhere already. Skirtless Meer is quite a sight to behold…
  • Gainax launches a special page for its Yoshizaki Mine-designed Angel XX figure series, the first two installments of which will be on sale in December (see yesterday’s update for more information).
  • The few. The proud. The diary and English word updates.
  • On Sale Today: Roman’s Collection Doll Cure White and Cure Black poseable action figures, and Bandai’s HGIF series My-HiME 2 gashapon.

Akiba-jacking (アキバジャック) is a new phenomenon that has sprung up over the past year, involving a one or two-day advertising blitz that attempts to saturate the limited high traffic area of Chuo-doori close to the JR Akihabara station and create enough of a commotion to generate waves of free press beyond the initial event. A prominent example of this was the horde of maids that decended on June 12th to promote He is My Master; browsing the Akiba Blog will reveal many more, some more effective than others. Today’s effort by Geneon is well-intentioned, but I don’t think they quite get it yet…