xxxHOLiC anime announced, Espgaluda 2 Akihabara playtest, ero side, overall return to business as usual.

Anime Side

Being without internet right at a seasonal transition has pretty much sunk the anime side of things here for awhile until I get caught up with this fall’s new shows. There are a few bits and pieces of interest from Moon Phase, however:

  • According to Kodansha’s official site, xxxHOLiC will be animated as a TV series in 2006 (in addition to the recently released movie). Moon Phase speculates that it will have the same staff as Tsubasa Chronicle.
  • There’s a new top picture up at the Papillon Rose official site. Here’s hoping they can stretch the concept of the OVA into a TV series, though I’m not incredibly optimistic.
  • [NOT ANIME] An Akihabara “roke test” has been announced for Cave’s upcoming Espgaluda 2 STG. Details to follow.
  • [NOT ANIME] According to the current issue of Dengeki Moeoh, the next issue (number 16, slated for a December release) will be the last. It will be a sad day for fans of high quality 2d-complex picture magazines everywhere.

Ero side

There weren’t the usual crop of major eroge releases at the end of September, luckily, sparing the need to make up for much in that regard. October 28th seems to be the next release explosion but things should be well in hand by then.

Goods Side

The Iroppoi Figure Blog seems to have dried up as a source of news at about the time I was booted offline, so it’ll be a little while before I recalibrate to other sources for figure release information. For now, here’s some non-figure item news:

  • A portfolio of 10 B2-size Aria posters will be on sale on December 22nd for 3,000 yen.
  • Apparently Fox Publishing’s Fate Compilation Book has proven so popular that they’ve already sold out of their first print run in preorders (it’s currently slated for a late October release, concurrent with ataraxia). A second run of the book will be out in November.

I took the day off yesterday to complete the renewal process for my visa, and stopped by Akiba on the way home (read: took a six-hour detour). It had been two months since my last trip, so it felt good to start catching up on that end of things as well; I came home with wallet considerably lighter and bags considerably heavier with loot (pictures to follow). I missed most of the good C68 fallout, alas; better for the finances in the long run, but it’s always vexing to know that some quality doujinshi has passed through Toranoana’s doors that I couldn’t get a gander at. The full-court press is on for Fate/hollow ataraxia‘s October 28th release, which is poised for monumental sales; hardly news at this point given Type Moon’s ubiquitous popularity.

This post marks the resumption of regular news updates here at HD, but as mentioned earlier I’ve been working on a couple of other special items for the site that should begin showing up pretty soon (as in yesterday). Democracy is a harsh mistress…