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Manga Review: Welcome to the NHK! chapter 21

In which Satou goes on a very, very, very bad trip.

Manga Review: Genshiken chapters 42-43

In which Sasahara gets a job, the fans are serviced, and the writing team for Friends stages a hostile takeover.

Mainichi Junk Sunday

In today’s update: we pay another visit to the worst-designed eroanime site in existence, Bible Black gets a box, models lay on models and have their pictures taken, and the Hawke sisters get their very own trading figure collection. Anime Side According to Dragon Magazine‘s current issue, “The Third“, a set of novels serialized therein, […]

Mainichi Junk: Vitamin D

In today’s update: Dengeki Maoh is stillborn, NERV sneakers, Magna Carta in your pocket, a new eroge engine, Halloween terror(ism), and a ninja gets his head sliced off by a spray of milk.* Anime Side The first issue of Dengeki Maoh was released on October 27th, and MediaWorks has updated its official site to reflect […]

Mainichi Junk: Limiter Release

In today’s update: another Urushihara figure I can unquestionably stand behind, a Jobsian Brave New World anime experience, a “legitimate” Japanese PC game and an image update for the Kimura Takehiro-designed eroge Ano Machi no Koi no Shi. Will wonders never cease? Anime Side The Joushikousei TV anime gets an official site today, and is […]

Mainichi Junk: Whack-a-Dokuro

Anime Side We’ve got site pre-openings for two upcoming titles today: Majikano and Nerimadaikon Brothers. The former is a magical girl love comedy, the latter… well, apparently “nerimadaikon” translates as either “a type of radish” or “a woman’s fat legs”. You make the call. One of the minigames included in the Game ni Natta yo! […]

Mainichi Junk: Double the Pleasure

It’s figure mania day here at Heisei Democracy headquarters, with confirmations checking in for some of the year’s most anticipated releases and a few new announcements to boot. In addition: Konami breaks form with the decision to recast the original set of Mechamusume trading figures, and Polygonia Yayoi. POLYGONIA YAYOI. Details below. Anime Side According […]

Mainichi Junk ni wa Na~i~sho

I am home sick from work today and thoroughly bedridden (or desk chair-ridden), so I thought this would be a good opportunity to announce the creation of #naisho on, a chat channel for those interested in topics generally covered in this blog. Forums are one thing, an irc channel is quite another and I’m […]

Mainichi Junk Sunday

Anime Side Majikyuu vol. 20 reports that Yoshinaga-san Uchi no Gargoyle is set to recieve the TV anime treatment, and will air in spring 2006. The official Comic High website corroborates yesterday’s news regarding the animefication of Joushikousei. It turns out that the Akihabara Enta Matsuri mentioned a couple of days ago is rather more […]

Mainichi Junk: ero-ero yo

Anime Side According to the November issue of Comic High, Ooshima Eien’s Joshikousei manga is set to be made into a TV anime. [source] Official sites went online two weeks ago for the upcoming series Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora and Shinigami no Ballad, aka “Momo the Girl God of Death.” Ero Side New […]

Mainichi Junk: Lost Worlds

Anime Side Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is Momoi Haruko’s (Halko’s) first album to be released after the breakup of Under17, out on October 19th. Apparently one of the tracks features a collaboration with Manzo of Nihon Break Kougyou and Genshiken OP fame. Wonder Momo-i! indeed; sounds like this is a […]

Mainichi Junk: Dream Theater

Anime Side ? < ! . = ufotable official site renewal. REC is a new anime coming from TBS, presumably this winter. It is based on this manga, and features a girl with glowing headphones. [NOT ANIME] The few. The proud. The not really a figure so why was she hanging out in the figure […]

Mainichi Junk: The Gathering

Anime Side UFOtable’s community blog provides a rare treat today as part of their hard drive spring (err.. fall) cleaning, with a set of Futakoi Alternative eyecatch images that didn’t make the final cut for the show. In a disturbing development, Sara and Sojuu’s legs seem to have been replaced with a giant hand. Ero […]

Mainichi Junk: Ibara no Michi

Anime Side Nitro+’s Demonbane is set to recieve the TV anime treatment, according to both Animate’s current front page and the official Demonbane site. The things you miss while offline… A promotional video is online for the fourth volume of Gainax’s Top wo Nerae! 2 OVA. The Gallery page is now open on SoltyRei’s official […]

Mainichi Junk: Image Post

featuring Maritan Concentration Drills

Mainichi Junk Sunday

xxxHOLiC confirmed to air concurrently with Tsubasa Chronicle season 2 on NHK in spring 2006, My HiME PSP game announced, Papillon Rose broadcast details back up in the air, ufotable site renewal, various eroge and figure news.

Mainichi Junk: Playing Catch-Up

weekly web radio, eroge backlog, and some new figure and eroanime news.

Mainichi Junk: The Record of a Crusade

Anime Side The DVD release of Kamichu! will span eight discs and 16 episodes, including four which were not aired in the initial TV run of the show. Information on the unaired episodes is available here. The second episode of Radio To Heart 2 is online, entitled Tama-nee, Kitaru. Ero Side Note: most, but not […]

Mainichi Junk: Tadaima Edition

xxxHOLiC anime announced, Espgaluda 2 Akihabara playtest, ero side, overall return to business as usual.

not (yet) dead

Still no sign of internet access, although as of two Wednesdays ago Yahoo promised six to ten workdays before restoration. The ten day mark is swiftly approaching and my faith in Yahoo is waning; if it comes to it I may need to look into an alternate service after all. Probably Flets. If that’s the […]