yesterday’s entry

A comical set of circumstances led to this post not going live yesterday morning, and an equally comical failure of my housemate to pay the internet bill led to it not going live last night. It looks like I’ll be relying on my work connection for the next week or so as things get straightened out at home, so updates may be a bit patchy; apologies in advance.

Anime Side

  • The official Fate/stay night anime page has been updated with information on the “prologue DVD” release scooped earlier.
  • Gentosha Comics has a Rozen Maiden Traumend promo commercial online for viewing.
  • [NOT ANIME] A review of the Yogurting beta can be found here, for those not currently participating.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Toy’sworks has a gallery online featuring it’s set of Tsukuyomi capsule figures released last week.
  • Toranoana will be stocking the usual suspects at its Bishoujo Figure Convention booth on September 25th to go along with the maid cafe it will be staffing there.