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Manga Review: Welcome to the NHK! chapters 19-20

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Manga Review: Genshiken chapters 40-41

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Iroppoi Figure Omnibus, Volume II

Cloned from the Iroppoi Figure Blog: September 2005 non-scale (12 cm) Miharu PVC from Girls Bravo Second Season, 5,040 yen Atelier Sai 1/6 scale Mizuhara Hazuki PVC from Toukami Toshi II (Osaka Plastic Limited Edition Red), 8,925 yen October 2005 Musashiya 1/5 scale Ryomou ver. 2 cold cast from Ikkitousen, 20,790 yen Musashiya 1/6 […]

Mainichi Junk Sunday

Fate/hollow ataraxia demo released, new Silky’s title scooped: based on a true story?