SHUFFLE! airs, 420 Jigoku Shoujo everyday, GUNDAM SEED ENGLISH, Tsukuyomi Palm Scenery, Megahouse Natsumi and Aki in color, etc. etc.

Anime Side

  • The first episode of SHUFFLE! aired last night, and the reviews are no doubt pouring in.
  • According to its official site, Jigoku Shoujo will air daily (!) on MBS starting this fall. Unless they’re well more than half way through the entire production process I have no idea how this is going to work.
  • Aniplex launches an official site for the upcoming series Loon Moon. Neither the title or the page’s splash image are looking particularly auspicious, but you can listen to a “test episode” of its web radio here.
  • What is it about the impending launch of Full Metal Panic series and terrorist attacks? With all due respect, concern and sympathy for those affected by the recent London attacks, I hope WOWOW has the sense to keep TSR on schedule instead of delaying it a season as the original series was post-9/11.
  • Information on the DVD release of Futakoi Alternative has been updated at the show’s official Starchild site.
  • Learn English with Gundam SEED, Destiny, and BLEACH! Items like this remind me that job security in my current line of employment will probably never become an issue.

Ero Side

  • [NOT ERO] Get your official To Heart 2 wallpapers here! The addition of yesterday’s Tama-chan paper to the lineup makes this a link I can heartily endorse. If you know more about Joukyou Kaishi than I do you may also be interested in these.
  • We’ve got movie sign! Lilith’s 2005 Kamihanki Best Selection has a demo reel up for perusal (scroll down a bit for the link).
  • In other Lilith news, Dorei Maid Princess has confirmed its release schedule as July 22nd and July 30th for the download and package versions respectively.
  • Today’s sample CG updates include Petit Pajamas’ Puppet Princess, Disabel’s School Love, Peas Soft’s Mame-fan vol. 1, ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi, and Black Cyc’s Yami no Koe Ibunroku.
  • Talisman launches the official site for its fall release of Blaze of Destiny III.
  • I beat to yesterday’s scoop of Poashara’s new miko-themed Kosutte Gin-Gin title, on sale today. Click for a nice shot of the “cover” (lol online release only) that the official site didn’t make available.
  • Remember way, way back? Like, April way back? Deepblue Soft was poised to release this game and suddenly didn’t due to an “inappropriate line of text” in the game manual. Well, they’ve finally posted a new statement to their site, which in typical Japanese fashion uses a lot of words to say absolutely nothing at all except “Oops, we fucked up. Sorry guys, we’ll try better next time so be sure to stick around!” No explanation of the original gaffe or sign that the game will eventually make it to market, alas.

Figure Side

  • This is going to require a closer reading than I have time for right now, but the Iroppoi Figure Blog has posted a rather complex bit of news about the poseable Saber figure mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the creator is in a bit of a huff about something. More details as the situation unfolds.
  • The September Megahouse release of Keroro Gunsou’s Natsumi and Aki PVC kits is now colorized, and boy do they look good (especially Aki-chan). Guess I’ll have to put her on reserve after all.
  • Scroll down here for crappy scans of a fax indicating the late November release of Meyrin Hawke and Meer Campbell Voice I-doll figures, and the lines they’ll be programmed to say.
  • Damn you Fox, you and your wiley Tsukuyomi Palm Scenery-producing ways. Setting them up for an August release too, eh? Curses. [the full set]
  • Speaking of foxes, Netrunner‘s September edition will come with this almost criminally cute Fox-ko figure.
  • Scroll down over at Puchi-Toy Kan and you’ll find images of the recently-released OS-tan Fanbook and included figures, as well as a higher resolution scan of the abovementioned Fox Tsukuyomi Palm Scenery set.

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