Gunparade Orchestra anime staff and cast, Fate/hollow ataraxia release date slowly begins to coalesce, etc. etc.

Anime Side

  • Moon Phase diary scoops the cast and staff of the upcoming Gunparade Orchestra anime. The setting of the first part of the series is rumored to be “winter in Aomori”.
  • [NOT ANIME] A demo movie for the upcoming PSP RPG Twelve is available at PSworld.
  • Episode 24 of Dokuro Channel is online. Is it just me, or does Chiba Saeko sound better with her new haircut?
  • The second episode of Kamichu! aired a few hours ago, for those keeping track.

Ero side

Figure Side

  • [ERO] According to the Iroppoi Figure Blog this X-brand Shiiko figure from Terios’ Ikinari Happy Bell has been made available for order to the Terios fan club until July 15th. I’ve had the chance to join before and now I’m regretting not taking the opportunity to do so, as I doubt this particular figure will ever be available to the general public again. Bitter tears of lament, self-flagellation, horsehair shirts and a life of solitude on a remote mountaintop to contemplate the error of my ways ensue.
  • For the Rozen Maiden fans: look for this item on sale at Comiket 68. For the OS-tan fans we also have this.
  • This cheerleader resin with the frustratingly pleated skirt has already sold out, and while I wasn’t planning to buy it there’s still that twinge of a missed opportunity.
  • If this were a completed cold cast or polystone kit I would think about it, but $180 for 33 chunks of unpainted resin is a bitter pill to swallow no matter how [bb] the ninja.
  • This Nerine PVC kit from Shuffle is coming out in late September courtesy of Chara-Ani. I still don’t know about those ears but otherwise it’s a pretty becoming design, I’d say.
  • Of the three Yamato G-taste PVC figures coming out in late September this one actually looks somewhat decent, breaking the hideous mold of generations of crappy G-taste figure tradition. For comparison the other two are here and here. Ugh.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 16 days