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How to Comiket, Part I: Intelligence

The better informed you are about what will be at Comiket prior to the event the better your position will be to take advantage of what’s in the offing there. We discuss strategies for finding what you want before you even set foot in the Big Sight.

How to Comiket: Introduction

What is Comiket? Comic Market (コミックマーケット, typically referred to as Comiket コミケット or Comike コミケ) is the longest continuously running convention for the sale of fan-made parody comics (doujinshi 同人誌) in Japan. Established in 1975 with 32 doujin production groups (also known as “circles” サークル) and 700 attendees, this summer (2005) will see the 68th […]


Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: ON SALE TODAY

Not So Mainichi Junk: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Girl Meets Girl anime announced, ABe Lain artbook in question, eroge updates, Shinobu and Gosurori Asuka ON SALE TODAY, etc. Oh, and this may be the last regular Mainichi update for about two weeks, but return it will.

Mainichi Junk: ハァハァ

Oshioki Sweetie delayed, Navel x Lantis web radio, complete list of circles selling figures at Comiket 68, etc.

News Flash: Futaket 3 Date Confirmed

[ERO] It’s official, folks: Futaket 3 is on for February 12th, 2006. Circle applications will be available at Comiket 68, with the application cover illustration by RIKI. Futanari fans rejoice, mark your calendars, start your engines, save your pennies, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Akiba Fallout

I hiked in to Akihabara yesterday for one final trip before two weeks of Japan depravation, and this is what fell out. Also: a really, REALLY hot Izumi garage kit, and some other news.

Mainichi Junk Sunday

A few bits of eroge news, Futakoi Shima figures, Shichinin no Online Gamers demo review

Mainichi Junk: Futsukayoi no Shingo

2006 Kodansha calendars scooped, eroge makers at C68, Ginban Kaleidoscope anime confirmed, Weekly Web Radio Roundup, Shichinin no Online Gamers playable demo online, LOTS of eroge movies and sample CG, Maritan update, DearS Rin PVC announced, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Mamiko Matsuri

Ichigo Mashimaro ep. 1 airs, Gunparade Orchestra official anime site launches, Kuro Shinobu figure news, eroge sample CG updates, Goodsmile Tenma and Tessa on sale today, etc. etc.

Ahh, New Acquisitions.

Clayz Saber, Hoihois, OS-tans, and Hinatabokko abound

Mainichi Junk: The Second Raid

FMP: TSR ep. 1 airs, Jigoku Shoujo and BotS III teasers online, TOKKO anime announced, Vanilla anime library available for (paid) download, Comiket and figure news, etc.



Mainichi Junk: Comiket Hype Limiter Release

Comiket Side launched with nekoblade and ElePaperAction, site update, Charafes 2005 images, hot new addition to the Yujin SRDX PVC figure line, etc.

Mainichi Junk: Omedetashi

Yukikaze 5 and Iriya 6 promo videos online, Muv Luv Alternative delayed AGAIN, Minipato PSP game announced, CG updates abound, etc.

Mainichi Junk

My HiME/My Otome site updates, Oshioki Sweetie sample CG, Clayz Saber now shipping, etc.

Mainichi Junk Sunday

Shakugan no Shana prerelease information, Kamichu! will be 16 episodes, Inoue Kikuko doesn’t act her age, and a couple of eroge have their releases delayed.

Mainichi Junk: Let Slip the Sabers of War

Omnibus post! Amaenaideyo ep. 2, first glimpse of Fate anime, Weekly Web Radio Roundup, ero movie and CG updates, Saber action figure preorder madness, a horde of figure news including upcoming release dates and new items (Kujibiki Unbalance Palm Characters, Yamato Shipon PVC, Samurai Champloo and Monkey Punch, etc).

Mainichi Junk: If WOWOW delays TSR the terrorists have already won.

SHUFFLE! airs, 420 Jigoku Shoujo everyday, GUNDAM SEED ENGLISH, Tsukuyomi Palm Scenery, Megahouse Natsumi and Aki in color, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Ramen Mountain

Futalt staff blog update (holy mountains of ramen Batman), Tideline Blue and Suzuka air, Next Graduation trial version available, eroanime news from Green Bunny and D3, a whole boatload of figure news, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk

Gunparade Orchestra anime staff and cast, Fate/hollow ataraxia release date slowly begins to coalesce, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Deep Impact Edition

Gun Sword and Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge air, Empress’ Cleavage artbook announced, Azumanga’s Tomo finds a career interviewing eroge heroines

Mainichi Junk: Independence Day

get your Pani Poni Dash! and Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo today, Marimite drama CD (if you wish for a third season REALLY HARD…), Oshioki Sweetie CG update, street dates for gosurori Asuka and Shinobu PVCs

Mainichi Junk Sunday

slow news day

Mainichi Junk: Not at AX Edition

Karin anime info online, Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo rant, net radio roundup, GitS PSP game official page, ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi revived from the dead, Toys Works announces a series of quite fetching Super Robot Wars heroine figures, etc. etc. (kotoko interview not included)

Mainichi Junk

Megami and Animaga scoops, official FMA: TSR and Shuffle! pages online, Goodsmile and Max Factory LIMITER RELEASE, etc.