Several random scraps of anime news and a whole boatload of new figures.

The first episode of Kamichu! aired a few hours ago. Apparently the story follows the manga pretty closely thus far. The Moon Phase diary has quite a few additional scoops from yesterday, including a preliminary staff list for Aria: The Animation and air dates for the AIR summer special (first part: August 28th at 23:30, second part: September 4th at 23:30). It also reports that the cast for the To Heart 2 anime will remain unchanged from that of the PS2 game, and they’ve posted a piece of production art from the Utawareru Mono anime although the cast/staff is yet unknown.

Anime Side

  • TV Tokyo fully launches its official sites for Gun Sword and Suzuka. Nothing revolutionary at either one, but at least they don’t require registering for a membership to access exclusive content. I’m looking at you, Gun Sword.

Ero Side

  • Game Style has a special page up for TinkerBell’s upcoming release of Gibo no Toiki, with plenty of Sample CG.
  • Adult Game Guide has a page up for Jingai Makyou with a few as-yet unseen CG images available for viewing. In other related news a 180 cm (~6 foot) tall Jingai Makyou cardboard cutout stand is available for purchase here, if you want something close to a life-size Ignis adorning your room.
  • Mini’s Shimai Kyoushi Donburi has been bumped back another week to a July 29th release.

Figure Side

  • On sale today: from Yujin’s SRDX PVC series we have this Ichigo 100% offering and this Jungle Aoba from Jinki: Extend.
  • Apparently these Hoihoi-san figures were announced way, way back, which is why they flew under the radar here. Well, they’re finally coming out – most likely this Friday, July 1st. Better pictures of them are here [link stolen shamelessly from beerman a few days ago].
  • Mahoraba fans, keep your eyes peeled toward the end of September for the release of these one-coin trading figures from Kotobukiya. I’m pretty sure I’ve scooped them here before but they’re worth linking again.
  • For some fresh news from Kotobukiya we have the release of this attractive swimsuit Miina PVC from Onegai! Twins, also hitting shelves at the end of September. Looks like they’re trying to give Goodsmile a run for their money. For the eyes dripping out of heads fans Kotobukiya also has this very special treat, some Clannad character or other.
  • Nothing to see here yet, but Bandai is putting out a second set of Keroro heroines trading figures toward the end of September, this one with a school theme.
  • SEED fans who missed these the first time: the end of October has this set of heroines trading figures in store from Bandai. Again.
  • gets up close and personal with Mixi-tan, the first in a series of new figures to accompany various incarnations of Netrunner magazine.
  • Last but certainly not least, check out these Bubblegum Crisis hard suit PVC action figures coming out in July and August. A blast from the past indeed.

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