Advent Children “official trailer”, Slayers vs. Orphen drama CD site open, Shichinin on Online Gamers CG update and character ranking, etc.

Moeoh and Gao GETTO!

Anime Side

  • The so-called “official trailer” for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is now online at its Squeenix site.
  • Star Child opens an official page for the upcoming release of their Slayers vs. Orphen drama CD.

Ero Side

  • In one of the century’s more predictable moves Nitro+ announces the July 29th release of the Jingai Makyou official soundtrack. At 2,800 yen for two discs of great music and a cover featuring a Nishii rendering of reborn-avenging angel-wedding dess Ignis I’m afraid the money has already flown from my wallet.
  • Tech Gian has decided to produce a second issue of Black Tech Gian. No word on a release date or any content information as of yet; after the first issue I’m not entirely pleased with the direction things are taking in the TG world, but we’ll see what happens with this next one.
  • G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers has two new sample CG images up in its gallery, plus a few that I don’t remember seeing before. Definitely worth checking out to refresh your memory. They’re also holding a character ranking competition from yesterday until the 21st of July – in a surprise move Neev (Ogushi Yuniko) is currently in first place, followed by Tet-chan (Misaki Renka), my personal pick. I was expecting Monnbrun (Nagaregawa Kohane) to be in the lead as she’s the game’s main female protagonist, but the Japanese voters do occasionally move in mysterious ways.
  • Rounding out today’s CG updates we have Psy-chs’ Ryouki II, Selen’s Futari no Aniyome, Undel’s Tashikani Kimi wa Koko ni Ita, and Black Package’s Puchi Puchi Gohoushi.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 24 days


I have scans online for this month’s Genshiken and NHK reviews, now to get around to actually writing them…