some solid preview material from Gun Sword, Nitro+ goes fucking insane, motherload of upcoming PVC figure scans from this month’s Hobby Japan

Recently I haven’t been cataloguing item aquisitions here with any discipline at all, perhaps because I don’t need to be reminded where my paycheck mysteriously disappears to every month; As this may be a topic of interest to some other than myself I’ll try to keep track of these things with a bit more regularity from here on. Today we have a shot of yesterday’s Akihabara trawl, including the limited edition of Genshiken vol. 6 (!).


Worth taking the day off to obtain? Definitely.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: At long last the official Gun Sword site has been updated with something worth looking at. There’s a 30 second trailer (under “CM”) that has actual animation, and descriptions of the first five episodes with screencaps from the first two up in the story section. Not enough Carmen 99 yet for my tastes, but we’ll see what happens.

Anime Side

Ero Side

  • Nitro+’s Jingai Makyou was released today, and assuming the scalpers didn’t somehow preempt my order it should be arriving at my doorstep tonight. This weekend will probably be devoted to ploughing through the game, with sights set on a review by Sunday evening (unless it’s a lot longer than I’m anticipating). In celebration(?) of the game’s release something awfully strange has happened to the characters on the main Nitro+ page… it has even gone as far as infecting Caramel Box’s main page as well, the horror. Oh my, and the entire Jingai Makyou site… my brain hurts.
  • A demo movie for 13cm’s upcoming Warui Koto Shitai is available for download at the game’s official site. Also, Lilith’s Boku no Hitozuma Onee-san (scroll down).

Figure Side

  • Hobby Japan must have come out yesterday, as yotsuba is being flooded with scans – check out some of the delicious offerings coming up in PVC: the second round of Megahouse SEED Destiny figures featuring Lunamaria and Meyrin in street clothes; a quite good-looking set of Destiny capsule figures from Bandai, a Kujian Fukukaicho resin from Wafudo Ganguten, Hoihoi-san trading figures, and an ero ero Tessa from Full Metal Panic! (also pictured, Izumi from HiMM, Aki and Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou, and some Negima chick). Gainax scoops the Izumi here as well.
  • Afghanis-tan. No words…
  • For fans of the older Gundam franchises here’s a nice Fou Murasame in polystone from BCLUB.
  • Fox Comics’ To Heart 2 Palm Characters are in stores now.
    Today’s featured site is the rather curiously-named (aka 「ネコミミモード」), home of a fellow known merely as “Der Pedo Kapitän”. I’m sure this moniker denotes a fandom of two-dimensional depictions of ten-billion year old robots from another dimension and has nothing to do with “humans” or “girls” or “reality”, thank goodness. I was first made aware of his site when a friend mentioned that our posting styles were eerily similar, and indeed they are – I’m not entirely certain that we are in fact separate entities at this point. I think he’s in California and I’m in Japan but this will require independent verification. If we are the same person, though, I’m not sure when we get any sleep as he is incredibly fast on the draw when it comes to scoops, and we often overlap. To the extent that we share a common audience this may be bothersome; I’ll be working on ways that I can provide some not-so-ubiquitous content in the next few weeks and months in addition to regular news updates, but in the mean time please bear with our transpacific cloning initiative. Two sites are better than one, after all.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 28 days


For an extraordinarily not-work-safe-or-suitable-for-minors shot of the other stuff that somehow found its way into my bag yesterday, click here (some doujin fallout from last weekend’s Sankuri, a few volumes of eromanga, August Tech Gian, etc.