sample eroge CG updates, Ask Chiba, Toranoana is a vile insidious existence, Battle Royale – THE GAME, dengeki figures it would be a crime not to purchase, maritan diary update, etc.

Anime Side

  • There is a brief exposition of the first episode of Kamichu! in the Story section of its official site. Its presence in the current edition of Dengeki Daioh is mentioned as well – the illustration is credited to Hanaharu, of course, but I noticed for the first time that the manga’s writing credit goes to “Besame Mucho”. Someone at Sony Animation has a sense of humor, or just needs companionship badly. TV Asahi has also launched a Kamichu! page, which has nothing on it as of yet except BANZAI – they can’t get too much mileage out of that image as far as I’m concerned.
  • TV Tokyo has pre-launched its Gun Sword site, which will hopefully not require registration once more content is online. If you do have the urge to be treated like a second-class citizen you can head over to the official site where there is a second episode of net radio up that apparently talks about the mechs that will be appearing in the show.
  • Episode 22 of Dokuro Channel is online, featuring a new “Ask Chiba” segment.
  • If you’re feeling the urge to pay three hundred bucks for Advent Children when it comes out on September 14th, Squeenix would be more than happy to take your money in exchange for a whole boatload of stuff.
  • Just when I had resolved not to cough up another yen to the altar of overpriced shoddy worksmanship that is the Genshiken franchise, Toranoana offers an easy way to reserve Unbalance Fighter Beta. Curse you and your tiger’s bum too, you vile wallet-molesting fiend.

Ero Side

  • Sample CG updates: Xuse’s Chikansha Thomas 2, Selen’s Futari no Aniyome (scroll down), Arkshell’s Tottemo Harem, Anesen’s Yuu-nee to Issho, Crowd’s Heisei Nenkin Gekijou Erokinoko (“Heisei Slime Mold Theater Eromushroom”). While it doesn’t look quite as odd as some of this summer’s other releases, that name may take the cake.
  • Mink’s new M na Red brand has an official page up for its first release, HEAVEN ~Death Game~. From a brief reading of the synopsis it seems the game’s setting is a tropical southern island vacation gone bad (where have I seen that before?), only this time it’s bad in a Battle Royale kind of way, not so much the futanari being sexed to death kind of way. I’ll be keeping an eye on this release if only out of curiosity as to the direction Mink is taking things with this new label – they seem to have mosaiced out M ga Cobalt for the time being, I wonder what they’re cooking up behind the scenes.
  • Marigold’s Nel brand has a page up for its latest title, provisionally called Nazuna ga Suki, and a companion wallpaper to go with the announcement.

Figure Side

  • The few. The proud. The current diary update.
  • For the Dengeki enthusiasts: don’t forget to order your copies of Daioh (September through December editions for the four Ichigo Mashimaro figures included) and Teioh (vol. 6, for the included POP-designed figure).
  • This gosurori Rei resin kit is in stores now, as is this Kotobukiya-sculpted Konomi resin from To Heart 2.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 30 days


[EDIT] Shamelessly yanked from ANN, but hey – this BusinessWeek article is a pretty comprehensive overview of much of the news and conjecture that’s been coming out regarding the Japanese animation industry over the past few years. Take a gander if you have the chance, and feel free to post comments here – are we headed for Jollywood, or the decline and fall of the anime empire?