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Ero Side

  • From the new brand Jotai Kougaku Kenkyuujo comes a game that vies with yesterday’s Erobomb for this summer’s most bizarre release: Daibubokan ~Oshiokidagame~. [Game Style] If Mario Kart were an eroge I guess this would be it.
  • So you’ve been a secret admirer of the okama way for the past several years, but are too shy to let your inner woman shine through in all its crossdressing transgender glory? Never fear, Trans’2 is here for all your gender-bending simulation needs, accomplished in the privacy of your own boudoir.
  • Smart Soft has a trial version of their upcoming Pai-Mega available for download.
  • Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki has a demo movie available for download at its official site as well.
  • New sample CG is online from Anesen’s Yuu-nee to Issho and Guilty N’s Ao no Juuai (courtesy of Game Style).
  • In eroanime news, Discovery’s Yakin Byoutou San vol. 1 has a few new screencaps up for viewing. Also, Ani-An scoops the late September release of The GUTS! vol. 2.
  • Have a favorite Terios character? Let your opinion be heard in the Official 2005 Terios Character Popularity Ranking Survey! Remember, one vote per handle.
  • The release of TOP’s Moeru Downhill Night has been pushed back a week to July 1st. In recompense(?) the number of CDs the game will be released on is being increased from two to three.

Figure Side

  • Remember those Netrunner Habanero-tan and Bisuke-tan figures? They’re not coming back, but Netrunner is putting out a new series of figures in various venues, starting with Mixi-tan (included with the August issue of Netrunner magazine).
  • I had a Wierd Al-Aqua moment when viewing the third installment of Range Murata’s PSE Solid Line series. I’m sorry, but you’re too damn ugly.

For today’s featured site we have RainboW, home of the loquacious and arbitrarily adjectived Aka Itachi (known as “mumumu” within his doujin circle, apparently).


    If you are a fan of extraordinarily large breasts, this site is for you. Even if you’re not I’d recommend stopping by, as this is not the artist’s sole province; his gallery sports a very nice Yoshino, among others. His style prioritizes sensation over proportion and speed over symmetry, lending a raw, somewhat sketchy feel even to his more finished pieces. This doesn’t detract from the work, provided you can accept the outlandish dimensions he grants some of his characters; his coloring isn’t always spot-on and may be his most improvable area, but with that said some of his illustrations really shine in a brooding yet bold, assertive palette. If you feel like supporting the artist his work is available from dlsite here and here; I’m not sure about English versions but they’re worth searching for.

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