Comic Party on the PSP, Shichinin no Online Gamers official wallpaper, Kujian figure images

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SCOOP OF THE DAY: This was mentioned in Leaf’s staff diary yesterday, but now we have pictures: Utawareru Mono is coming to the PS2, and three of their older titles are being released in “portable” editions for the PSP: Kizuato (scoop), Routes (scoop), and Comic Party (!) (scoop). I don’t know about the others, but this will be a perfect opportunity to finally work through Comic Party. The game’s first pressing apparently includes Comic Party Revolution episode 1 on UMD, for those who swing that way.

Ero Side

  • Littlewitches’ Romanesque is slated to come out on July 29th.
  • It’s a maidful summer over at Lilith, with a pair of upcoming titles scooped in its news section: Eiyouhokyuu Meido Sapuri-tan under the vanilla Lilith brand, and Hime wa Dorei Meido from Black Lilith.
  • G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers brings us the first in a series of wallpapers featuring the game’s female cast; this one was obviously done by a b-team illustrator and is a sad disservice to my beloved Tetsuko, but it’s worth a glance regardless.
  • Clockup is releasing an official resin kit of Hikari, the romantic lead of Dyogrammaton. [sculptor page]
  • I would have taken more business and economics courses in college if they were instructed by the likes of these fine lasses.

Figure Side

  • The set of Kujian trading figures scooped yesterday now has sample images available. They’re looking a bit dodgy, especially compared to their Genshiken counterparts, but who can say no to Kaicho?
  • Kaiyodo’s Aya and Maya Natsume are being rereleased in August with alternate coloring. Thanks, but I think I’ll stick to the original scheme (being recast in July, for those who missed out the first time around).

Yesterday’s Akihabara excursion was an unqualified success in the pauperizing department, with highlights being the acquisition of the oh-so-tempting Ryomou figure linked yesterday as well as several volumes of doujinshi, manga, and a couple of games. If I can get myself organized here a subsequent post will be forthcoming detailing the spoils of war and subsequent moth-eaten interior of my wallet.

In other news CONDITIONER BATTLER EVANGELION may come to an abrupt end, the pilot’s abysmal ratings threatening to sink the whole operation before it can get off the ground. Further reports to come as the fate of this tragically misunderstood anime classic unfolds.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 40 days