Utawareru Mono anime, To Heart 2 anime (?!), Genshiken/Kujian figures, Gosurori Rei resin, Hazuki hug pillow, etc. etc. etc.


Leaf’s Staff Diary reveals that there is an Utawareru Mono anime in the works. In addition, speculation at Moon Phase has it that this month’s Dengeki Daioh will be scooping a To Heart 2 anime. Big news indeed, if Moon Phase can be trusted (and it usually can).

The Yamato Genshiken/Kujian trading figures first seen at the Shizuoka Hobby Show are now available for preorder! [Kujibiki Unbalance | Genshiken | Ohno Kanako] If they’re not listed at HLJ yet they should be soon. I don’t really need to editorialize this bit of news as I believe my stance on Genshiken (and Ohno-sama) is quite clear; a set of “banzai”s should suffice. BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!~

Anime Side

  • The official My HiME website has updated its My MAiD teaser image.
  • You can no longer access the net radio and staff diary sections of the Gun Sword site unless you become a “member” by giving them your email address and demographic data. GOOD MOVE THERE GUYS. At least you can watch the new 30-second “commercial” for the show here, if you really want to see lo-fi zooms of the character designs set to music.
  • Don’t forget to take your weekly dose of Futakoi Melt Collective!
  • TV Tokyo has pre-launched sites for Suzuka and Sugar Sugar Rune, two of the four new shows airing on the network this July.
  • There is some sort of Buster Machine design contest going on over at Top 2! headquarters.
  • To make up for the lack of anything Blood since Production I.G’s first foray into the world five years ago, three new manga on the theme are set to launch this fall.
  • If you’re dying for any news remotely related to Range Murata, whip out the old translator and have a go at yesterday’s updated Soltyrei Staff Diary.
  • Nekomimi mode desu~ If you’ve been aching to cuddle up with Hazuki ever since she sunk her fangs into your blackened, lolikon, omuraisu-shaped heart, now is your chance. [details]

Ero Side

  • Several sections of Nitro+’s Jingai Makyou page have been updated, most notably “pictures” (with the first of three ero teasers) and “download” (with another sample of the game’s BGM). Apparently I wasn’t the only one attracted to the exclusive deal offered by the first-lot purchase from Nitro+’s online shop, as they were apparently swamped with orders and cleaned out their stock (of preorders, oh Japan-kun -_-;;) within a couple of days. According to an email from the shop they were getting a lot of bulk orders they assumed were going to be resold, and if this jeopardizes my personal order I am going to be doubly pissed at this nonsensical Japanese economy in which supply from the original maker never seems to meet demand.
  • The first release from the Panda House spinoff brand Co.Panda is entitled Pato Girl and set for an August 26th release. While the game seems unremarkable, this is a fetish that is relatively infrequently explored and a good scenario writer could certainly have some fun with it.
  • I’m not sure why I’ve never taken a closer look at this publication.
  • While I’m not a huge fan of TinkerBell’s work, Gibo no Toiki (July 15th release) looks like it might have something to it, especially for the milf fans.
  • D-Angel has some sample CG images for their upcoming release of Ki ni Naru Roommate.
  • Demo movies are now online for Crossnet’s Ayakashi, Honey Pot’s Tsui Tsui Twin-tail Twins, and a new one for Clockup’s 3GHz Fan Disc.
  • The third release in Poasha’s Kosutte Gin-Gin series is now available from the download shop of your choice.
  • Today’s eroanime scoop comes from Vanilla, with pages up for the August 12th release of Daishikkin Helena vol. 1 and the July 8th release of Bakunyuu Shimai vol. 2.
  • NOT ERO: Promo videos are up for the School Rumble PS2 game, Maid Cafe Curio, and Sakura Taisen V.

Goods Side

  • Toy’sworks presents Aria and Ichigo Mashimaro capsule figures. 可愛いじゃん~
  • The Few. The Proud. Words cannot describe this update.
  • Don’t forget to reserve your Noantica/t’s system PVC girl, and that she is at least twice your age.
  • Hobby Net has this Ryomou in stock, which means it is out elsewhere as well. Lead me not into temptation…
  • This Gosurori Rei resin kit does a whole lot more for me than the Gosurori Asuka PVC coming out in July. Though I’m not as insane a Rei fanboy as I could be, the (terribly unskilled) model painter in me is itching to give this a try. [close up shots]
  • For late September we have this set of Excel Saga Girls trading figures from Yamato. Do not eat the Menchi, as it is made of plastic.

In lieu of a featured site today I will be going to Akihabara in an attempt to pauperize myself as quickly after payday as possible. Tomorrow will no doubt bring a report on the success (or failure) of this venture.

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