HD FORUMS LAUNCH, Higurashi official site, BotS III release date, Fire Bomber 2005 ~A Tribute to Nekki Basara~ event report, eroanime news from Discovery and Green Bunny, etc. Featured site: Babar no Dagashiya (futanari paradise).

Today’s Pre-Scoop: HEISEI DEMOCRACY FORUM HASSHIN~!! Go over and post, you lousy cretins. Please? I’m looking for any and all feedback on this; if there’s a forum you think would work well with the site concept that isn’t already being done better elsewhere, let me know, or if you think I should sack the project and save myself the bandwidth let me know that too. Onegai~ orz

SCOOP OF THE DAY: For fans of mysteriously popular doujin productions with mediocre art (Tsukihime, Touhou, I tease because I love), the official website of the “ultra-popular doujin sound novel” Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is online. In related news, a Higurashi 7th Expansion desktop accessory is on sale today (June 10th), for a very modest 1,050 yen.

Anime Side

  • The Banner of the Stars III OVA release starts on August 26th! This may have been scooped before, but now you can read about it with a picture of Ayako saluting saucily on top – she doesn’t look nearly as fugly at this resolution.
  • Another anime set to launch in August is Guyver, airing on WOWOW on the 6th. This is a property with a long history that I know nothing about and is probably covered far better elsewhere.
  • Cast interviews from the July-release-scheduled Slayers vs. Orphen drama CD (scooped quite awhile ago) can be found here, along with more smiling VAs.
  • Animate.tv also has an event report from Fire Bomber 2005 ~A Tribute to Nekki Basara~ online. The setlist from this looks totally awesome, in a campy Macross 7 kind of way, and I hope they release an album or DVD of it in the future.
  • Looking for more info on Kamichu!? Look no further. Even if you could care less, click anyway for BANZAI.

Ero Side

  • In the first of two eroanime headlines, Discovery goes nuts with the updates. Shintaisou Makoto vol. 1 (June 24 release) now has a sample movie available for download, and Yakin Byoutou San vol. 1 (July 29 release) has screenshots available, as well. In addition, the front page gives release dates of August 26th and September 30th for Yakin Byoutou Kranke Kodama Ai and Shintaisou Makoto vol. 2, respectively.
  • Green Bunny weighs in for the latter half of today’s eroanime coverage with an official page online for their release of Moke-moke Taisho Dendouko ARISA, vol. 2. Not a particularly interesting item, but there you have it.
  • Game Style has a bevy of sample CG online for MBS Truth’s upcoming Futari de Marvel Shichaimasu!.
  • Black Cyc’s Yami no Koe Ibunroku has leaked out yet another sample CG image.
  • A catgirl reaches for a lightning bug in this June wallpaper available from Runrun Soft.

Figure Side

  • This nice but rather uninspired Rin PVC from Kotobukiya appears to be available for order once again.
  • 1/4 scale Rei and Asuka bath towel swimsuit versions are now available from Aizu for a mere $180 each. I guess the Eva maniacs need something to keep spending their money on; I’m just happy to not be afflicted by this particular curse.
  • Scooped earlier but I’ll do it again anyway: these are criminally cute and will probably be sold out by the time I make it to Akiba tomorrow.

For today’s featured site we have a very special entry: Babar no Dagashiya, home of the prodigial artist Kouin N.


    Kouin N is without a doubt the current rising star of the futanari world. With a site launch barely eight months ago, word of his work has spread like wildfire over image boards and forums, evoking high praise from all quarters, some hailing him as the second coming of Ozone/Matcha (aka Uno Makoto, whose peerless futanari doujin career ended abruptly when he landed the position of character designer for Love Hina. A poor tradeoff, in my opinion). I agree that it is an apt comparison, as they share a fondness for a profusion of large phalluses from pleasantly full and rounded girls – but Kouin N is far from limited to this character type, as a quick glance at his gallery and p-bbs will show. He seems able to effortlessly craft dynamic, well-proportioned characters with quick decisive strokes of the pen and colors them boldly, in an exotic, tropical style that leaps off the screen. I would say that it leaps off the page as well, but to date he has produced no doujinshi or other professional work in this vein – at least not that he’s letting on to. There is good news on the horizon here, though, as I have it from the horse’s mouth that he is collaborating on at least two doujin projects with other artists this summer and is tentatively planning to release his first solo work in the fall. I can’t wait. NOTE: If you can’t figure out how to access certain parts of his site don’t come crying to me. He put up password protection to keep us gaijin out, so I leave it to your internet sleuthing skills to worm your way in – as of posting, all the information you need is on the site.

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