running out of puns edition

[WALLPAPER] Undel-soft has a rather early July wallpaper available for download, but it’s offered without the calendar as well so there’s no reason not to accelerate the full-fledged sweltering heat of summer a bit. While you’re at it you can check out the backlog of 1600×1200 .bmp wallpapers from previous months, too.

[EROANIME] Set for a July 29th release, Animac will be producing an eroanime version of Discovery’s Tsuma x Tsuma. At last count they’ve put out more than four titles with that name and I’m not sure which is the one inspiring this anime, but no matter which it is this is something the milf fans can surely look forward to.

    Not much else going on today. Cooking on the back burner for when I have the chance to hash them out properly are a Japanese review of Moetan and a short series of articles on Comiket; based on some conversations I’ve had recently I’m thinking a basic primer on Japanese net culture and doujin from the creator’s side might be of interest as well. Things I’ve come to take for granted over the past few years might not seem as obvious to others, a perspective that’s occasionally hard to keep in mind.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 44 days