Moetan for stockbrokers

英語ばっかりでスミマセン、これから日本語で 張らなくちゃ

  • [EROGE] Marimite THE GAME has a couple of demo movies available for download, one for the lesbian disc and one for the not lesbian disc. The visuals in this are competent but uninspired, and really, compared to the richly textured background of a story like the real Marimite, Engage comes across as tragically cheap. I’ll be giving this one a miss.
  • [MOOK] Kabu de Ikou! Onii-chan, Net Trading Shiyo~! is the latest in the line of training manuals operating under the theory that if you’re being taught something boring (English, computer programming, engineering) by a cute, two-dimensional girl, you’re more likely to pay attention and the knowledge is more likely to stick. I’m rather suspicious of this premise, especially given the comically rendered parody of the English language presented in Moetan, but if Kabu de Ikou! brings happiness to the life of one lonely day trader I suppose it’s a cheap price to pay.
  • [FIGURE] I don’t know how HobbyNet has managed to restock Ai Yori Aoshi capsule figures from two years ago and Cowboy Bebop capsule figures from four years ago (!), but if the Bebop ones are any good I may have to take the plunge and set up an account with them. Why they’re still trying to peddle off this abortion is beyond me, though.

I spent much of yesterday getting in touch with artists I’ve linked here over the past month or so. Despite their LINK FREE status it can’t hurt to let them know, I figure. No feature today, but as I’m getting the hang of this Japanese correspondence thing it should be considerably easier from here on to link sites that mandate contact.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 46 days