some figure news. featured site: Dennou Yamazaki-gumi.

Figure Side

  • According to a recent yotsuba post, a set of Shinobuden trading figures will be coming out in the next few months. They look decent at this resolution, but coming from E3 Staff (notorious for their recent issue of these MEZZO atrocities) folks in the yotsuba thread are cautioning against a preorder. E3 is also the force behind these Fumoffu onsen figures, unfortunately – I doubt that the faces being cut off in that picture is accidental.
  • Goodsmile’s Fumiko and Chidori PVCs have shipped in the past few days, for those who had them on order. Their Rider should still be available as well.
  • Kotobukiya is putting out a PVC of Attie from Summon Night 3, set for a late August release.
  • Yujin’s Kanu Unchou PVC is still available, in original and limited edition flavors.
  • If you are one of the many Love Hina fans whose secret dream it has been to own a really fucking big (38 cm!) cold-cast cheerleader Naru, that cherished fantasy can now be made flesh – or at least polystone.

For today’s featured site we have Dennou Yamazaki-gumi, home of (among others) the peerless and illustrious Izayoi Seishin.


    While the main attraction of this loose coterie of artists is undoubtedly the above-linked Izayoi Seishin and his page M-Onna Senka – notable for his astonishingly voluptuous portrayal of women in their sexual prime and futanari as well, although the latter unfortunately have no presence on his site – the other Yamazaki-gumi artists are certainly worth paying attention to. I recommend clicking through all the links off of the main page, especially the Yamazaki Kyonyuu Juku and doujin circle METAL as they have been updated as recently as February of this year. The rest of the site is woefully neglected, but based on prior experience I can predict with fair confidence that things will look a bit livelier as Comiket 68 approaches. Before I stop here, let me once more point out the indescribably stunning art of Izayoi Seishin and note for the futanari fans that the reclusive artist “Kagerou 1991” is at least tangentially associated with the Yamazaki-gumi collective, and his work can often be found displayed in conjunction with theirs – he is nominally part of the Yamazaki Kyonyuu Juku and apparently participated in this 2005 New Years greeting card set. The hunt is on, good luck to all of us.

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