Futaket 3, YURIHIME, gyut.to!, gosurori Asuka, etc.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: I heard this from Shiarobo a couple of days ago, and now it’s official: Futaket 3 is on for February, 2006! The specific date has yet to be announced, but it looks to be in the same place it was held last year. The application for circle participation isn’t online yet, much less a list of participating artists, but given the whimsical and rather disorganized nature of the con organizers the important thing is that we have this solid announcement to build on. I’m thinking seriously of participating as a circle myself this time, especially if I can pull off a debut at Comiket 69. I’ve been saying that since C64, but this time for sure. Really.

Anime Side

  • According to Animate.tv, the Aria manga is being made into an anime.
  • If you feel like reading a lot of kanji, Gonzo has a press release out on Giniro no Kami no Agito.
  • [NOT ANIME] In the immortal words of Ohno-sama, “there is no man who does not relish the sight of two women locked in passionate embrace.” Perhaps it was the opposite, but either way I think we can agree that this summer’s launch of Comic Yurihime is a Good Thing. According to the official site it’s going to be a yuri/girls love-themed quarterly, with yearly releases on the 18th of January, April, July, and October. In related news, episode 3 of Cobalt’s Tokimeki Web Radio is online. 女性同士の愛は 敵 な…

Ero Side

  • Nitro+ has a new extended flash movie OP up for their Jingai Makyou site. I sat through it with enjoyment and if you’re planning to play the game you might enjoy sitting through it too; otherwise just download the official opening movie again, watch it several times, and drift into blissful repose dreaming of Ignis.
  • New wallpapers for the month of June are available from the download pages of Ankh Soft and Talisman. Oh .lzh-kun -_-;;
  • The nine eroge being released tomorrow (June 3rd) are presented in attractive digest format at Galge.com.
  • How many sites devoted to the paid downloading of pornographic software can one Japanese internet support? gyut.to! thinks the answer is “at least one more.”
  • Due to the popularity of its inclusion as an add-on to two recent issues of Tech Gian, Black Tech Gian is being spun off as its own magazine with the first issue released tomorrow (June 3rd). I’ll be interested to see if it has enough utility apart from the contents of the main magazine to become more than an OMG HARDCORE gimmick that fades away after a few issues; hopefully it won’t cannibalize from the original in an attempt to remain relevant, either. I’ll trust Enterbrain with my yen for a month or so and see what happens.
  • [NOT ERO] Sotsugyou ~Next Graduation~ has its opening movie online here.

Figure Side

  • Not to be outdone by the plugsuit Rei from a few days ago, a gosurori Asuka will be coming out from Kotobukiya in July at a cool 5,040 yen.
  • The release of the Troubled Windows OS-tan Fan Book has been pushed back from June 13th to July 7th due to a lag in production of the included figures.
  • I’m not particularly interested in who this character is or where she’s from, but she’s a cute PVC kit on sale now and might be worth picking up before she goes the way of the passenger pigeon, the Roman Empire, or Konami’s mechamusume.
  • This Top wo Nerae! Noriko PVC from Kotobukiya was a big hit last summer, big enough that she’s seeing a rerelease now.

Today’s featured site is none other than the official internet presence of Futaket.


    Futaket’s official name, Futaket, is a contraction of “futanari” and “market,” which should really be all I need to say. Held for the first time in the fall of 2002, its second incarnation on March 20th of this year boasted a total of 188 circles and their creations, full of phallus-bearing girls and things quite closely resembling them. For those who find this prospect arousing Futaket is something close to the holy grail of doujin sales events, and the recent confirmation of its third incarnation next year is heartening news indeed.

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