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Mainichi Junk: Teikokukagekidan Edition

Soltyrei site updates, eroge and figure bits and pieces (seifuku Kaicho coming at the end of July, now) etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Waku Waku

Several random scraps of anime news and a whole boatload of new figures.

Manga Review: Welcome to the NHK! chapter 18 (continued)

In which the secret of Misaki’s past is revealed… kamo.

Manga Review: Genshiken chapter 39

Will Kousaka choose eroge over Saki? Will Sasahara choose eroge over Ogiue? Will Madarame beat the summer salaryman heat by removing his tie? STAY TUNED.

Mainichi Junk: Tachi-iri Kinshi

Advent Children “official trailer”, Slayers vs. Orphen drama CD site open, Shichinin on Online Gamers CG update and character ranking, etc.

Mainichi Junk: Beyond Thunderdome

Two new anime series launch their sites and Oshioki Sweetie gets a CG update in today’s exciting episode of

Eiya Eiya

I finished Jingai Makyou and all I got was this lousy t-shirt [edit: lack of a t-shirt]

Mainichi Junk Sunday

Jingai Makyou progress report (pictures!), ero-ero figure scoops.

Mainichi Junk: Jingai Edition

six eroge on sale today, new Nanoha series, Petopeto-san promo, net radio roundup, figure preorders up all over the place, JINGAI MAKYOU KITA~!

Mainichi Junk: Ohnoken

some solid preview material from Gun Sword, Nitro+ goes fucking insane, motherload of upcoming PVC figure scans from this month’s Hobby Japan

Mainichi Junk: Suppai!

Tachikoma model, G.J? Visual Fan Book, Gun Sword manga, eroge CG and demo movies galore.

Mainichi Junk: Kyonyuulicious

sample eroge CG updates, Ask Chiba, Toranoana is a vile insidious existence, Battle Royale – THE GAME, dengeki figures it would be a crime not to purchase, maritan diary update, etc.

Where is all the manga-based doujinshi?

Based on my experience as a doujin consumer I’ve noticed that manga tends to be overlooked as a doujin parody source prior to the release of a corresponding anime series. I find this puzzling for a couple of reasons: first, manga is far more ubiquitous in Japanese society than anime. It’s easier to access, more […]

Mainichi Junk: Uiisu

eroanime news and etc, featured site: YOUR MARK

Mainichi Junk: Planet of the Apes Edition

slow news day

Mainichi Junk Sunday

too heart too anime

Mainichi Junk: Omnibus Edition

COWBOY BEBOP PS2 GAME, Dead or Alive live action movie, Black Lagoon anime, web radio roundup, Jingai Makyou demo movie, Kuroai vol. 2 screenshots, Maritan updates, etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Kawaruwayo~

meido-san metaru

Mainichi Junk Online

official Suzuka and Sugar Sugar Rune sites, cell phone Mushihime, Saber doll, etc.

Mainichi Junk: Rabu Desu

featured site: RainboW

Mainichi Junk: Monty Python’s Flying Circus

open the door and come in

Mainichi Junk: It’s

nothing to see here

Mainichi Junk Sunday

Comic Party on the PSP, Shichinin no Online Gamers official wallpaper, Kujian figure images

Mainichi Funk

Utawareru Mono anime, To Heart 2 anime (?!), Genshiken/Kujian figures, Gosurori Rei resin, Hazuki hug pillow, etc. etc. etc.

Mainichi Junk: Payday Edition

HD FORUMS LAUNCH, Higurashi official site, BotS III release date, Fire Bomber 2005 ~A Tribute to Nekki Basara~ event report, eroanime news from Discovery and Green Bunny, etc. Featured site: Babar no Dagashiya (futanari paradise).

Mainichi Junk

planetarium planetes, precure figures, new kisaku, futakoi PS2 game

Naichichi Junk

running out of puns edition

Mainichi Junk: Ame

Will Shingo-chan be able to defeat his malicious air conditioner in its plot to turn his bedroom into Biosphere III?! Find out on the next exciting episode of CONDITIONER BATTLER EVANGELION!!

Mainichi Junk: No News is Kyonyuu’s

Moetan for stockbrokers

Mainichi Junk Sunday

some figure news. featured site: Dennou Yamazaki-gumi.