if you don’t find something of interest in this news post I will punch myself in the face. edit: punch you in the face. fist, face.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: The official SOLTYREI website has been completely made over, with a promotional video in the gallery as well as story information and a staff diary. The tagline on the story page is “A science fiction mid-century action piece set in an art-modern world.” I don’t know what that means and I suspect the wackos at Gonzo who wrote it don’t know either, but from the bits of production art available on the site it’s pretty easy to see what they mean. Thus far it’s impossible to tell much of substance about the project, but I’m hoping that Range Murata and Kenichi Sonoda wouldn’t put their names on something too stupid. It bears the markings of lavish attention to detail in the setting that graced Last Exile as well, and if they manage to pull something of equal quality off I’ll be happy.

Anime Side

  • Giniro no Kami no Agito (Silver-haired Agito) is a new film from Gonzo and Media Factory coming out next year. The trailer available on the site shows they’re already pretty far along with it graphically, and it’s looking beautiful, in the way that teasers so often tend to do.
  • Because I can never resist the opportunity to insult the most hideous piece of animated crap on earth, it seems that its website has been updated or something. Curse you and your vile hellspawn progeny that clutter the pages of Megami with your putrid filth!
  • I can’t insult Happy Seven yet because it doesn’t exist, but when it does air it looks to become a prime target for derision. Kawasaki Hiroyuki, I dare you to prove me wrong.
  • Web Radio Updates: Rozen Maiden, Futakoi Alternative, Victorian Romance Emma

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • A few more shots of Gigapulse’s upcoming Shintaisou figures are available here and here. At 4,000 yen that’s a steep price to pay for what is essentially a set of four capsule figures, especially considering that items like this are a fifth (!) of the per-unit cost.
  • Hot off the press and slated for late September release: Bandai Nekomimi Mode Selection trading figures, Bandai Nitro+ Collection trading figures, Bandai Magna Carta trading figures, Goodsmile Nagi PVC from Peace@Pieces, Goodsmile Arashi PVC from Gad Guard, reissues of Goodsmile’s Rin and Saber PVCs, Max Factory Nakoruru PVC from Samurai Spirits, Max Factory x Goodsmile collaboration Onegai Twins trading figures
  • For late June release: Kotobukiya Minami PVC from Comic Party, Wafuudou Ganguten Plenair-san PVC from Harada Takehito, Aizu Asuka and Rei cold casts, Aizu Nadia cold cast, Yamato Mizuho cold cast (tempting…)
  • Currently on sale: Konami Chobits trading figures

Misc. Side

  • The few. The proud. The top image update.
  • Toranoana launches its foray into serial print media with Moyori, an Akibakei moe contents manga and news magazine. It will be interesting to see how well this flies in the already saturated otaku magazine market; will Toranoana’s growing clout in the retail industry be enough to lend it the thrust it needs to get off the ground?

Today’s featured site is another old standard in the futanari canon: Behind Moon, home of the enigmatic artist known only as “Q”.

    Behind Moon

    The beginnings of my interest in girls with enormous phalli are shrouded in mystery, but I’m pretty sure an encounter with the work of this artist had something to do with it. His style is most remarkable for its depiction of unbridled lust and physical extacy, which as far as I’m concerned are the highest values in porn – there’s nothing like the image of sheer sexual stimulation to spark a harmonic response in the viewer, and few do it better than it’s done here. The images available in his gallery are unfortunately not a full representation of this (and haven’t been updated in nearly two years), so I heartily recommend hunting up his doujin work – J-List seems to be Q’s primary outlet to the Western world, so the email linked on his main page would be a good place to start.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 55 days