SCOOP OF THE DAY: Comic Gum has some info about the July 1st launch of Amaenaideyo!, including a few screenshots and pictures of the seiyuu, here.

Figure Side

  • This Haduki is apparently resin, and yet both pre-painted and reasonably priced, modeled by T’s system and set to come out in July. Will wonders never cease? [source]
  • These To Heart trading figures are looking quite decent and are now available for purchase.
  • Comic Party’s Haga Reiko is also out and about in all her PVC glory.
  • From Bome, the sculptor of the recently released Kaiyodo Aya and Maya Natsume figures, comes a pair of catgirls. The are either out now or very soon.
  • Perhaps the most modeled character in existence is reincarnated yet again this September.

Today’s featured site is Serious Graphics, home of the sagacious ICE. Advisory, the content here is both Parental and Explicit.


    Those seeking explicit parental images would do well to turn elsewhere, however, as this site is devoted to fighting girls, futanari, and less alliteration than I am normally guilty of here. After nearly five years of churning out quality images of robustly-endowed women, Serious Graphics commands a position among the legendary creators in the genre. Although the gallery hasn’t seen much love in awhile he is still regularly releasing doujin soft, which sells well and also tends to find its way onto the net sooner than later. A pity he doesn’t work through dlsite, although in the current climate they might not stock his material anyway.

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