a lot of figure news.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: The special edition release of Genshiken vol. 6, slated for June 23rd, will include a volume of Genshiken doujinshi penned by a stunning array of artists, many of them culled from the pages of Afternoon. If I get the chance I’ll translate the names of those involved.

Anime Side

  • Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyoken is coming out this summer. It bears the Takahashi Rumiko taint (though only in the character concepts), so we can probably look forward to a few hundred mediocre episodes of WACKY HIJINKS with no plot development or resolution. Guess she had to do something now, with Inu Yasha in the can.
  • Major site updates at the official sites of Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo, YUG’s Petopeto-san, Karas, and a July 1st start date for Amaenaideyo!.

Ero Side

  • As of yesterday Lilith’s Dorei na Kanojo is available for purchase via dlsite, though apparently not the English version yet. It now also has a demo movie availiable for download; scroll about half way down the official page and look for the link marked “demo movie”.
  • A roundup of the 23 eroge on sale tomorrow (May 27th) can be found here, courtesy of galge.com.

Figure Side

  • Weighing in from Gainax’s Top wo Nerae! 2 division comes this PVC Buster Machine. There are also some He is My Master resin kits here (scroll down just a bit).
  • Toranoana has launched a new figure brand known as “PalmCharacters”. Its flagship offering will be this set of To Heart 2 trading figures, on sale June 24th.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima also has some trading figures coming out from Konami at the end of the month.
  • The Card Captor Sakura fans will have to wait until the end of August for their trading figures, sadly.
  • According to this ad in the current Dengeki Daioh, for four straight months starting with the July 21st release of September’s issue the magazine will be released with four different Ichigo Mashimaro figures.
  • Hot off the press: PVC versions of Keroro Gunsou’s Aki and Natsumi will be released at the end of September. [source]
  • Also slated for the end of September is this set of ROD TV trading figures. This Rushuna is also late September, and this Asaba Ureshiko is late August. It is a good day to be a fan of molded plastic chunks in the shape of anime heroines.

Today’s featured site is the original 4chan.

    Yotsuba is the place where people who are fans of molded plastic chunks in the shape of anime heroines go to hang out. You can just chill, or talk with your friends. You can also see the very latest releases and release information regarding bishoujo figures, with an emphasis on PVC models. Nary a resin kit in sight, so you can rest easy that most of the stuff you see here will eventually wind up on HLJ and won’t require assembly/painting or too deep a gouge to your wallet. Take a few minutes to scroll through the backlog of posts and I’ll wager this will wind up in your bookmarks as it has earned a place in mine (if pages after the first look like gibberish, switch encodings to shift-JIS).

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 57 days