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Today’s News: According to July’s edition of Tech Gian, Milky will be producing an animated version of Crossnet-Pie’s Boin for release later this summer. Certainly good news for the [bb] fans.

In light of the pending release of Ryoujoku Idol Mesudorei I thought it would be appropriate to profile Kei, its character designer, and Be/Kei, his website.


    Kei’s style is pretty unique, grounded in analog marker coloring so we get some heavy line widths and vivid contrast between colors. It could hardly be called “soft”, but I like the sense of mass and solidity his characters have. He’s also done a sketchy Ohno pic, and any artist who treads on that sacred ground is good in my book. His doujin circle doesn’t seem to have been active for the past couple of years so if you feel like supporting his work, your best bet will be to import Ryoujoku from Himeya or a similar service when it’s released on the 27th.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 60 days