this entry sponsored by SHICHININ NO ONLINE GAMERS


  • [EROGE] Shichinin no Online Gamers has thought of a devilish plan for their second site-based special promotion: you put a banner advertising the game on your website, from today to its as-yet unspecified release date, and you’re entered into a DRAWING for some as-yet unspecified prize. I have a feeling the DRAWING will skew to sites that rack up the most free hits for them… I may participate anyway, as I’m a sucker for G.J? and I think I’ve figured out a way to do it without making things look hideous.
  • [EROGE] Kao no Nai Tsuki 2 official page is launched.
  • [EROGE] Le Chocolat’s release of Ayatsuri Bloomer has been pushed back to July 8th. Once again, quality up no tame.
  • [FIGURE] Max Factory’s original blue version of Kasumi has been recast and is widely available once again. [HLJ]

For today’s featured site we have … G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers!


    Starting today we’ll see just how much one man can whore a website that’s not his own. I’ll probably be tossing the above anigif banner at the top of every post until this baby goes on sale, and may stick this little 40×200 one at the bottom as well. It’s not my bandwidth being wasted, and besides, if there was ever a cause worthy of support this game is certainly it. You’ve heard about it here several times already, but go ahead and click the banner anyway if the spirit moves you or you are gripped by some sort of anigif-induced seizure. Do it for your old pal Shingo.

Finally, from the beaten-to-the-scoop-like-a-red-headed-stepchild division: Fate anime to be announced on June 26th.