FMP: TSR details, figure news

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid will commence airing on WOWOW at midnight on Wednesday, July 13th (into the wee hours of the 14th). It will be rated R-15 so we may see some pretty hardcore action scenes; I’ll translate the series description on the official page if/when I get the chance later today.

Anime Side

  • Ichigo Mashimaro official site renewal! Also, it seems that volume four of the manga will be released on May 27th.
  • Kamichu! net radio starts on May 21st.
  • Starchild has put up an official page for its 2006 rerelease of Nadesico. 懐かしい…
  • [NOT ANIME] Starchild has also put up an official page for the Cromartie live-action movie. I hope you have all watched the trailer by now. [another official site]

Ero Side

  • Surpara has updated with an exhaustively detailed feature on Moeru Downhill Night, the drift racing eroge.
  • Smart-Soft’s Pai-Mega has some new sample CG up on its official site.
  • Propeller’s Ayakashibito looks sort of interesting.
  • has a roundup of this Friday’s (May 20th) eroge releases.

Figure Side

  • キター!! Welcome to the NHK!’s Misaki-chan in all her full-color glory, complete with javascript windows that don’t work, can be found here. As a reminder to the hikikomori in the audience this item is available with the limited edition run of volume four of the manga, set for a November 26th release. It can be preordered from here.
  • Ichigo 100% is getting some capsule figures, and boy do they look mediocre.
  • Tenjou Tenge is getting another round of four trading figures, the [bb] chibi Maya being perhaps the funniest model (after ICBM-riding Kim Jong Il) I’ve seen in the past year.
  • I have no idea who this character is, but it’s a hot large-breasted ninja in PVC so I’m not going to ask questions. [more]
  • Shintaisou figures too?!

Today’s featured site is Digital Tambourine, the recently remodeled home of artist Hiwiaru.

    Digital Tambourine

    There’s not much in his gallery, but the few pictures currently gracing the site are pretty indicative of what he does: outrageously proportioned characters with very, very large and often milk-filled breasts and the occasional futanari – not much more a fellow can ask for, as far as I’m concerned. Check out the links scattered through his diary for a few more sketches should you be so inclined.