The Summer of the Oku-san

SCOOP OF THE DAY: In a bizarrely sudden announcement on Hiyoko Kobayashi’s website, it appears that his Oku-sama wa Joushikousei manga is being made into an anime for release this July. Speculation on Moon Phase and hints from Kobayashi’s blog indicate that all of the ero bits will be cut from the anime, and that as in the upcoming comic DVD release, the title role of Asami will be voiced by Kawasumi Ayako.

My kneejerk reaction to this news is that the show will be a failure of epic proportions. I’ve read the manga through the current volume, and by “read” I mean “looked at the pretty pictures”; the story is irritating and unfunny, the characters are completely vacuous (especially Asami) and the lack of consummation already built in to the storyline will only be amplified by removing the ecchi content. If there’s one thing I abhore in a series it’s a lack of catharsis, and in a romance involving a husband and wife that catharsis can only be sex (because we know that Japanese writers aren’t capable of dealing with something as complex as a loving reconciliation of emotions in a strained relationship). With that said, if they take out ALL of the cheesecake there won’t be much left over to animate, so hold out hopes. A few nice moments of animated Kobayashi designs are all we can ask from this.

  • [ANIME] Gun Sword net radio episode 1 ON AIR!
  • [FIGURE] I’m holding off final judgement until I can get a clearer view of the face, but this meganekko Ikkitousen figure (no idea who the character is, I don’t remember her being in the anime) from Yujin is looking pretty cute. Slated for a late July release at 2,268 yen it’s hard to complain.
  • [FIGURE] Toranoana has a preorder page up for the set of original figures I linked yesterday. the box is pretty expensive for a set of 12 trading figures, and if those four characters are the only ones included there will be a lot of redundancy in a box. A couple of them look decent enough to pick up, but what’s going on with the arms?
  • [EROGE] Looks like DiGiket is getting in on the Kosutte Gin-Gin action, with both currently released titles available for download. I never did look in to the route, but having done DiGiket for the new Fanatic Fetish release I can recommend their service wholeheartedly.
  • [EROGE] For the Ayatsuri Bloomer fans, a TV size version of the OP is available for download here. Hint: It’s not 310 megs.

Today’s featured site is Haiboku Shrine, home of the erudite and prolific Zundarepon.


    While he has done a good deal of doujin work in the past, most of Zundarepon’s current efforts are engaged in semiprofessional eroge production with Valkyria (Futari wa Itsumo Issho Nari) and Lilith Soft (Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 1 and 2, Kyonyuu Tsuma Kyoushi, and Youma Jutai). His style is occasionally a bit awkward in the anatomy, but over the past several years he has improved quite a lot, and he’s great at mimicking a wide range of designs – from Marimite to SEED to Rozen Maiden to Kujian. Both his [bb] and his pettanko work for me, although something doesn’t sit quite right in the bigger end of his [bb] style; with that said I’m confident he’s only going to improve in the future. His Lilith works can be acquired from English dlsite here.

[EDIT] Late breaking news items: Robot Lets Rider Walk and Fire Just Like Gundam! Also: Child Porn, if Animated, Eludes Regulators