an otaku myth?

Ero Side

  • Le Chocolat has posted a few more Ayatsuri Bloomer sample CG images and a trailer movie (scroll down, it’s the last link on the page). If you watch one thing today, this trailer should be it.
    an otaku myth
  • Liquid’s Haitoku no Gakuen site has been updated with story and character information as well as several sample CG shots. The character design for this is disappointingly generic coming on the heels of the much more pleasing Ryoujoku Gerira Kari 2, and I hope Liquid will show the good sense to switch back with their next release.
  • Nomad’s Ryoujoku Idol Mesudorei has two more sample scenes, complete with text, available for viewing here.

Today’s featured site is Yasuomi Craft, home of Yasuomi. And his craft. Hence the name, I suppose.


    Aside from being a fine CG artist with a penchant for curvy renditions of anime heroines – make that extraordinarily curvy, in the stomach area – the remotely-located “craft” side of his operation frequently provides the opportunity to mail-order one of his creations printed on one of these fine pillows. If a life-sized, pregnant Lunamaria isn’t something you want staring up at you from your bed every night, some of his CG work is available for purchase/download from dlsite as well. [1] [2]