I have very little sleep. Mushihime puzzle game?!

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Cave will be doing some sort of field test of their newest game, a Mushihime Puzzle Game (!?) from today (May 12th) through Sunday the 15th at Hey (TAITO) in Akihabara. I was planning to go into town this weekend anyway, may stop by and take a look.

Anime Side

  • Shuffle! hits the WOWOW airwaves on July 7th (8th) at 12:30 AM.
  • There’s a report on the Rozen Maiden meet and greet event that J2xC sadly couldn’t get tickets to on the TBS Official Site.

Ero Side

  • Surpara has done a very nice feature on Le Chocolat’s Ayatsuri Bloomer. Be sure to click through all the “NEXT”s for a wide array of sample CG.
  • Colors posted an official site yesterday for their upcoming release Kuruizaki Virgin Road.
  • A demo movie for Se Ki La La’s Onedari Milky-Pai can be downloaded from Game Style here.
  • Galge.com profiles this Friday’s (May 13th) releases – a scant three titles, with the bulk of the month’s new items weighing in on the 27th.
  • What’s this?! A Kasumi action game? That’s what it says, but Toranoana’s preorder page is suspiciously lacking in screenshots of any “action.” Of a game sort.

Today’s featured site is STARGAZER, home of rockstar mangaka Yonekura Kengo.


    When I went to pick up her circle’s latest book at fuyukomi she was standing outside her booth talking with an associate, wearing a fur coat and looking generally angular and bitchy. Not the kind of person who has time for fans, unlike say Hibiki Reine who was actually signing autographs. Regardless, Yonekura is a fine, fine artist who enjoys drawing the occasional phallus adorning a voluptuous woman, so who am I to complain. She also knows how physics affect breasts, in an intimate way; an insight tragically lacking in many who attempt [bb]. She’s responsible for a the art of an Eva dating sim, has recently done a few spots in eromanga periodicals and is slated to provide a piece for Robot vol. 3. Toss in Pink Sniper and Pink Sniper Maniax and you have a resume you can shake a stick at – but don’t take my word for it.