Happy Birthday Mayu Tamano! and sundry news items

Anime Side

  • Summon Night ~エクステーゼ~ (no clue how to romanize that) has a new ufotable-animated promotional movie up for viewing at its official website.
  • Blood+’s official site has been updated with several little bits of information that will no doubt only increase speculation about the show that will take SEED Destiny’s place in the TBS Saturday evening lineup this fall. The character design is certainly different from the original short.
  • Sunrise has launched an official Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars franchise site. This will probably become your one-stop shop for news about the upcoming BotS III series, but there’s not much there right now. In other BotS III news BeSTACK has opened a page for the various drama CDs it’s been producing.
  • Despite the lack of information on this show and its barebones site, Suzuka is among the first series of the summer season to get a firm air date: July 6th (actually 7th) at 1:00 AM on TV Tokyo.
  • The main cast has been announced for Kamichu! and includes MAKO, Morinaga Rika, Mine Kaori, and Nonaka Ai.
  • Kawasumi Ayako is the special guest guest on episode 16 of Radio Bin-Kan Dokuro-chan, also a reminder that episodes three and four of the series hit the airwaves on May 14th.
  • A promotional movie for vol. 4 of Iriya no Sora Ufo no Natsu is available for viewing here.
  • Gainax has put up an official page for its release of Top wo Nerae! 2 vol. 3.

Ero Side

  • It’s Mayu Tamano’s birthday over at Age! This will only be the case for another 15 hours so if you’re going to check it out do so now. These birthdays (along with yesterday’s announcement that they’re officially taking reservations for Muv Luv Alternative) sure drum up the hits… Note to albert: our eroge must contain at least 365 popular female characters.
  • Runrun Soft has a May calendar image available for download here. Oh .lzh-kun -_-;; They also have a new game coming out on June 17th by the name of Eiken Kikaku.
  • Puzzlebox, a new Janis brand, has a demo movie available for their first release (due out on June 17th), Sakura Relaxation.
  • Nitro+ has updated its official Jingai Makyou page with voice samples for all of the characters and a short version of its opening theme available for download in the “DOWNLORD” section. It’s pretty kickass and it’ll be fun to hear the full length item when it’s released – no idea what language it’s being sung in though, if any.
  • A large .jpg of a promo poster for Black Cyc’s Yami no Koe Ibunroku is available for download (.lzhed) here.
  • TetuONE, the protagonist of G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers, is introduced here. What, you really want to know his three sizes? … Ok, he has a 90-cm chest.

For today’s featured site we take a trip to the darker side of Japanese two-dimensional eroticism (cartoon porn) with Octopus Trap, home of the circle “Silhouette Girl” and the artist known prosaically as “phantom”.

    Octopus Trap

    His style is certainly unique, almost photorealistic in some elements – but if tentacles, lactation, body modification, [bb], [dg], and bondage aren’t your thing, you should probably give this one a miss. If they are, his work is available for purchase/download at the English edition of dlsite here.