in whcih the blues get to everyone’s favorite OS idol

I began painting yesterday with the skin and continued today with various shades of blue. The biggest problem I ran into today was a limited selection of blue paint; I’m pretty sure I have all of the blue variants available in Tamiya’s line of flat acrylics, but that isn’t saying much – none of them come close to the vibrant hues used in the official paint job. Given what I have to work with, though, I think the colors are coming out pretty well. I’m somewhat concerned about the skin as I ran out of the mixture I had made just as I finished painting it, and thus don’t have anything to patch a few imperfections that have cropped up as a result of shoddy masking and parts grating against each other. I’m also afraid that the legs aren’t as thoroughly coated as the torso and thus look a bit sickly/greenish by comparison.

I’m thinking the soundest course of action from here out is to avoid having the parts touch each other as much as possible until they can be surfaced with a protective top coat to prevent any more damage. This means this may be the last time we see Win-chan assembled to this extent until the very end of the process. Overall I still feel that things are going better than Rit-chan did, but the trial and error process continues. It will probably be another couple of kits before I begin to feel confident with the basics.