light news day, go look at Moetry’s WHF Ariake pics

  • [ANIME] From the looks of the flash slideshow on its new official site, Tide-Line Blue will be a rather underwhelming show when it debuts this summer.
  • [EROGE] Maa-chan, the final member of the Shichinin no Online Gamers supporting cast, has her profile with sample voice posted here. 可愛いっくて ラネー!She is apparently the younger sister of the protagonist, but unlike in Akibakei Kanojo she’ll be more of a mascot and less of the jealous stick-in-the-gears type, which is fine by me.
  • [MOOK] Toranoana has a mail order page up for the Visual Fan Book of Alice Soft’s Pastel Chime Continue. Apparently the book has already been released, though the game isn’t scheduled to come out until June 17th.
  • [FIGURE] Toranoana also has preorder pages up for two Pia Carrot polystone figures, both produced by Enterbrain’s Wafuudou Ganguten brand: Sayaka and Tomomi.
  • [BINCHOU] Happy belated birthday to Binchou-tan! Seems like a lot of moe characters were born in this season.
  • [OST] Moon Phase’s update was flooded with Toranoana preorders today so that’s what’s winding up here: Circle Golden City Factory presents a disc of Touhou covers known as Touhou Destiny, with sample tracks accessible from the preorder page.
  • [FIGURE] Albert over at Moetry has posted several reviews of World Hobby Festival‘s May 5th Ariake event. They contain many pretty pictures far more interesting than this post so go take a look.

After posting those site links yesterday I realized that I had opened the floodgates of hell, or at least the floodgates of way too many sites that I want to post about but may or may not have to email prior to doing so as part of their respective “LINK FREE” policies. I could play the ignorant gaijin with relative safety as I doubt any traffic generated from here would create even the tiniest spike in their bandwidth, but courtesy seems to be the name of the game on the Japanese artist internet so I will try to proceed with caution.

With that said, today’s first featured site is Fatalpulse, home of journeyman artist Asanagi.


    He has only produced one volume of doujin thus far, but according to his profile he’s a 20-year old student, suggesting a long artistic future ahead. Several of his gallery images have made the board rounds, notably his OS girls and Ragnarok Online character art, prompting his early inclusion here. Aside from samples of his doujin the site is pretty work-safe, but the [bb] haters may want to avoid regardless.

Today’s second site isn’t actually a site, because one doesn’t exist for circle Errors.

    Errors has recently produced some of the most-posted art at image BBSes on both sides of the Pacific while simultaneously being one of the least well known creators. A doujin artist without a website in this day and age is like a double amputee without a skateboard; outside of his stench radius he’s not well known. With his goods available for easy online purchase at dlsite I can’t condone the mass distribution of his work, but he’d sell a lot more if he weren’t such a recluse. For those who haven’t seen his CG floating around, it features very nicely rendered digital paintings of full-breasted, often happily lactating girls and looks like it belongs in a professional context other than dlsite; in that light the circle may well be a front for a better-known artist making a little quick cash on the side. If you’ve downloaded his images elsewhere and have a few yen to spare, I heartily endorse supporting him in this goal.