and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (t-shirt not included)

Today’s news comes in eroanime form: Himajin’s Manin Densha vol. 1, set for a May 27th release, now has an official site up with quite a few screencaps.

Win-chan progress

I find that with each model I prime I pick up a few more tricks in the process, and with Win-chan this new toothpick tactic was particularly necessary. At first I was thinking I’d use masking-sol to attach toothpicks to the resin parts, but settled with tape instead for all but the sideburns. This paid off by reducing the need to handle parts directly, especially necessary because many of them were too thin to drill/pin, as previously mentioned. I tried not to lay the surfacer/primer on as thick as I did on Rit-chan, and made sure not to set the pieces down until they were dry (in the case of the large pieces), which avoided most of the wet paint contact damage Rit-chan suffered. An overall improvement, although I put the white primer layer on a bit thin as I was running out. Shouldn’t matter too much. If I’m feeling particularly ambitious I may fire up the airbrush and start painting this weekend… at this pace I could be done within a week or so, which would probably be some kind of record.