and to meganekko everywhere

If you don’t click here in the next fifteen hours you won’t see it, but Age has a happy birthday image up for Muv Luv’s Sakaki Chizuru. I don’t know anything about her aside from her iinchou status and that she is best friends/rivals with Akane, but hey, any birthday of a fictional eroge character is cause for celebration.

Today’s news:

  • [FIGURE] For the Littlewitch/Shirotsumesouwa ~Episode of the Clovers~ fans: Toranoana has a preorder page up for this PVC Emma as sculpted by Solid Theater. It looks to be set for a late June release, at roughly 4,000 yen, and can be ordered at HLJ until May 6th at its Early Bird special rate.
  • [EROGE] The release date for Alterna’s Shirokuro has been set: July 29th is mechamusume blast off!
  • [MOOK] Another Toranoana preorder page, this time for the Rozen Maiden fans: the official fan book for the first season is coming your way on May 24th, at 2415 yen (tax included). I like how Shinku is just sort of floating in the upper left corner of the cover.

In addition to the various other site-related tasks I have percolating in the back of my head, I’m sketching out a couple of eroge reviews. I’ve played enough of both Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~ (copy/paste the link) and Maid in Heaven SuperS to be able to gauge them pretty well, I think, but I’m withholding final judgement until I see them through to the end. It might be awhile yet.