Kaicho was a cakewalk by comparison

the finished product

As can be seen in the first two shots, the flash on this model was particularly bad. The hair was an epoxy field day twice in a row, but the smell has finally faded from my hands – yesterday was standard drilling and pinning that turned out pretty well. The rest of the parts as yet unattached (bangs, forelocks, headphones, skirt) are either too small or too thin to pin, which will make painting them a challenge; I have a couple of ideas in that regard that I’ll be trying out in the coming days. One point of irritation is that I currently lack a base for her, and thus can’t drill/pin her feet and see her in a free-standing position. That may have to wait until payday on the 10th. Must rally enthusiasm for the project to progress until then…

On an unrelated note, aside from Goods all of the Release Information sections are now pretty much up to date. The last major item on the agenda is describing it, which will most likely occur on the Release Information page itself. I’m still wrestling with the optimal way to interface it with the rest of the blog and will hopefully find a solution soon; until then it can be assumed that the pages are seeing regular updates in step with daily news being uncovered.