Win-chan’s hair is a monumental undertaking.

Anime Side

  • Top wo Nerae! 2 episode 3 will be on sale June 24th.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Slated for an August release is Goodsmile’s PVC Momose Hikaru, from the eroge Peace@Pieces.
  • Toranoana’s Kaicho (mizugi ver.) is confirmed for a May 13th release.
  • Another August newcomer is this fetching Shipon-Arisa PVC combo from Max Factory (HLJ). How I wish I hadn’t picked up their other Shipon at this point, she is hopelessly large and redundant.

Game Side

I’ve been gradually filling out the “Coming Attractions” section of the sidebar with releases that I have particular interest in tracking. “Coming Attractions” isn’t the best way to label the section as I’ll probably leave information available on items for a certain period beyond their release dates, but I haven’t come up with a better phrase yet. As before, if there’s something I missed that you think should make the cut please post it to comments. [EDIT: I’ve changed the section title to “Release Information” as that more accurately reflects its contents.]

In garage kit news, I put Win-chan’s hair together yesterday but forgot to factor in the placement of her shirt and had to break a couple pieces off, cut away the epoxy, reposition and glue them on again. The lesson here: never send a plastic surgeon to do a hairstylist’s job. I’ll post some work-in-progress shots once I get a bit further.