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Anime Side

Ero Side

  • Set for a June 3rd release, Ayatsuri Bloomer is looking to be a funny title with some great designs and an obvious appeal to the fans of this peculiar brand of gym attire. The demo movie is especially worth checking out (second link from the bottom, mirrors here). A few additional screenshots are here.
  • Ryoujoku Idol Mesudorei has a demo movie available for download as well (the lower batch of links here are mirrors).
  • Pai-Mega has a wallpaper and its opening theme mp3 available for download.
  • Liquid has a splash page up for their July 29th release, Haitoku no Gakuen.
  • Yotsunoha introduces its second character, Yuuki Iori.
  • Gakuensai Kikaku (“school festival planning”) is the tentative title of Roll-soft’s coming fall release. Preliminary character sketches are available here.
  • Tokumei Sentai Yuzuranger is the title of Anim’s latest tentacle-fest, set for a summer release.
  • A few sample images from Blue Gale’s dickgirl Marimite ripoff Naisho no Tin-tin Time are available here.
  • Yami no Koe Ibunroku is the name of Black Cyc’s upcoming title, recently updated with sample CG and character descriptions. No release date yet, but this one could be hot.
  • A harem inside the company?! Undermoon’s June 24 release, D-spray, has some sample CG here.
  • A pair of May 27th releases are Innocent Blue, from Lilim Soft, and Kairaijo ~Saiinzai Byoutou 24 Hour~, from Guilty.
  • This is mildly hilarious: due to the existence of an “inappropriate phrase” in the player’s manual of Futari, the existence of which was confirmed/discovered at the last minute, the game is being recalled from retailers as of yesterday, the day before its scheduled release. There’s no adjusted release date as of yet; guess I won’t be picking this one up any time soon.
  • The Discovery-animated Discode OVA part 3 will be on sale May 27th! Check out the screen shots, they speak for themselves.
  • Discovery also has pages up for the May 27th release of Yakin Byoutou: Kranke Kodama Hikaru (screens available if you click “hai” to the right of the red 18+ icon) and the June 24th release of Shintaisou Makoto.
  • has a rundown of nine titles newly available for purchase/download through their site. This batch clears 100 total titles for them, apparently. Again, I’m curious if any particularly determined enthusiast has tried to obtain one of these outside of Japan – I haven’t looked into it yet, but the possibility is certainly intriguing.
  • Stoneheads’ Maid in Heaven SuperS page has a May wallpaper available for download. Nagisa is so cute :3

Goods Side

  • Toranoana has a preorder page up for the Troubled Windows: OS-tan Fanbook, set for a June 13th release. Click for pictures of the three included OS-tan figures!
  • Wafuudou Ganguten presents Yuki, with removable dress. (source)
  • Wafuudou Ganguten also presents: Kujian’s Izumi, for sale at events such as the upcoming World Hobby Festival. Another fine item sculpted by Hows.
  • I stumbled upon this page yesterday, which looks like it may become an invaluable resource in the pursuit of bishoujo figures.