take one down, pass it around

Zero score and one years ago, this web journal was founded in a spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity extended to anime fans everywhere. Ninety-nine posts later, we pause to look back in sombre reflection upon a year of momentous events.

… alright, that’s over with.

In thinking about the direction I want to take this little satellite of love from here on out I’ve come up with a few guidelines to steady my hand and replace my eye with a bionic implant that allows me to zoom in on far away objects, which would be useful if they ever gave missile weapons to the Borg.

First off, I’m not doing anime. There is a lush, verdant, thickly-populated jungle of anime blogs out there, ranging from exhaustive blow-by-blow raw descriptions posted two hours after they’re aired to deep metaphysical ponderings of newly subbed shows and beyond. This is a road well travelled and I am far to apathetic to add my voice to the chorus of regular updates regarding the latest shows I may or may not be watching. With that said, I’ll keep on combing Moon Phase for breaking news on series that catch my eye and doing quarterly previews of the coming season. If something isn’t being covered that I think deserves covering I’ll post on it, or if I’m taken by a strange mood I may post on a show, but it won’t be a regular thing.

I do plan to continue posting news, mostly harvested from Moon Phase, but I’d like to gradually shift from long lists of briefly enumerated headlines to shorter lists with more incisive, biting, slashing, mauling, dismembering, eviscerating, decapitating critical commentary per item. A lot of what I’ve posted as news in the past could easily be consolidated in the sidebar as a list of coming shows/figures/eroge/events that I’m anticipating, with their associated links, and left at that.

What I consider to be news for purposes of this site is, generally speaking, stuff I find interesting that doesn’t wind up on ANN or that I preempt them on. I’ll tend to steer clear of explicitly “American anime scene” news items in favor of more obscure Japan-related info. It’s where I live, it’s what I’m mucking about with these days, and it’s what I have to offer that isn’t redundant across other news services. I won’t be reporting on mainstream console games for the most part as, like anime, they’re covered by more competent sites than you can shake a stick at. And I don’t own a console, which takes away a lot of the incentive to talk about them. I did recently pick up a PSP so if you see some related news pop up here that would be why.

The biggest swath of uncharted news territory I’ve been covering, to the best of my knowledge, is eroge. There are several good reasons for it being so unknown – aside from a few paltry exceptions it’s not available in English to the foreign market, which is quite small to begin with. Eroge aren’t a community gaming experience; they’re not really a gaming experience at all for the most part. Despite this lack of international availablity and interest I intend to keep covering them here, as like it or not they’re part of the otaku-oriented market and culture and exert influence on mainstream anime that can’t be ignored. Ok, I guess it can. But if your boyfriend is late to meet up with you because he’s buying a present for your best friend and you get hit by a truck and fall into a coma and become the immobile centerpiece of a shitty drama and then come back in a cameo in a hilarious OVA starring your younger sister and a BURNING SPRIT-infused giant robot hero, DON’T COME CRYING TO ME.

In addition to what I’m already doing with the site I have some grandiose plans for future content, including more reviews of eroge and other things I pick up here that aren’t otherwise widely reviewed. This will probably wind up being more ero (-hon, -doujin, -anime, -etc.) than not, as for some reason the upstanding citizenry of anime fandom often refuse to touch the stuff. In public, at least. Except at conventions. While wearing fursuits.

I’ve also been meaning for awhile to start writing some entries in Japanese and posting samples of my shitty “art” in an attempt to get a doujin circle off the ground, so I have something to give to Rebis the next time I see him and something to sell at Comiket when I finally get my act together and stop missing the submission deadline. On the English side I also pledge to continue the great work on THE TETRIS OF EROGE with Albert, my comrade in arms at Moetry.org.

Finally, I plan to keep occasionally posting long, rambling and incoherent armchair-philosopher rants on subjects such as “two-dimensional fandom,” “moe,” “Akihabara,” “aesthetics,” and “those wacky, wacky butt-poking Japanese kids.” They’re wacky, see. Because they poke you in the butt.